How Many Shoes Is Too Many?

We have heard of the proverbial Soup of the Day. How about the shoe of the day? Millions of women face that decision each morning as they begin their routine. Upon determining which piece of footwear, the selections are fancy high heels or perhaps the boots, or maybe even a pair of court shoes? Men have the same decision to make each morning also, but not all men are so preoccupied with making a fashion statement as the expressive women.
In any case, shoes are a vehicle to show off your style, your social status and possibly your age. Seeing your grandma wearing a cool pair of Skechers might make you feel like you’ve got the hippest grandparent around. There is no longer an age limit when it comes to shoe style. Lately, toddlers have foot gear that light up as they walk, while their older siblings have shoes with wheels to skate around in . Where was all this when we were kids? Back in the day, children didn`t have the option of light ups and shoes with wheels, but as time changes so do the fashion trends.
Technically, a woman only needs four basic shoes; sandals, court shoes, a pair of heeled shoes (whether high or moderately high) and boots. But how many women only have four pairs of shoes?
It is  now much more  complicated. Women now have choices when it comes to the fashion of their feet. Shoe manufacturers offer footwear in all different colors, materials, styles, some with bling for a night on the town and others more professional for a day at the office. Having one shoe in three different colors or fabrics is not a sin. It is brilliant! Wearing shoes that don`t match with an outfit is now considered a fashion faux pas and the style-minded woman would dare not leave the house in such disarray.  Speaking of which, once one does find a good pair, it can be hard to let go of them. Take for example your favorite dress heels for the office. You spent $100 on them and once the heel wears down, do you really want to toss them? Here is where the shoe cobbler can be useful. Cobbler, cordwainer or shoemaker, whatever you want to call this beloved man, he will resurrect your shoe to what it once was. It has been said it is a dying art as the younger generations would not really think of pursuing that line of work. So you better get your favorite kicks, whether it be those amazing court shoes or your fabulous heels, fixed before it is too late.
Most women do not have the amount of shoes Imelda Marcos of the Philippines once had. Sadly, a third of her 3,000 shoe collection was abandoned in a locked room in a museum only to be recently discovered destroyed by termites, mold and neglect. Many of her high-end shoes were compliments of the shoe makers themselves. What fabulous gifts! Yet hoarding up these treasures “where moth and rust consume” is only futile, as referenced in the world’s oldest book.
That quantity of shoes is a bit excessive which begs the question; can a woman be happy with only four pairs of shoes? Probably not, unless her wardrobe is only black and white in color, then four different shoe styles in black or white would work. Colors and the uniqueness of shoes set the stage as shoe lovers around the world can attest.  But keep your shoe shopping in check so you don’t end up at shoe addicts anonymous.

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Dee Adams, who majored in Public Administration, is a freelance writer from San Diego, CA who enjoys covering topics on sports, health and all around good living. Being a tennis enthusiast since 1998 has paved the road for her to embrace the sport that is fun to play and watch.

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