Premier League Races Excites Betfair Fans

With the Premier League season edging closer and closer, there is a growing sense of excitement among Betfair fans looking to forecast how this year is going to go. With Manchester City looking to defend their title in the face of challenges from the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool sides all desperate to return to the top of the Premier League tree, betting fans face a tough task on their hands picking a winner from a number of very talented sides. With Betfair making it easier for visitors to take advantage of their vast sportsbook with their Bet bot pro, it’s never been simpler for betting fans to enjoy everything the site has to offer.

While this summer’s World Cup has taken much of the footballing world’s focus, Premier League clubs have been busy bolstering their squads ahead of the new season. As Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United have all improved their squads significantly during the summer, defending champions Manchester City have been somewhat limited in the transfer market due to the financial fair play rules, possibly opening the door for one of their rivals to end their recent Premier League dominance.

As well as the intriguing race for the title, this year’s relegation battle looks set to be equally as captivating. With promoted clubs QPR, Burnley and Leicester being tipped by some to be stronger than other sides that have come up from the Championship in recent years, there could be as many as 10 clubs involved in the relegation mix this season. While the three promoted clubs are favourites to finish in the bottom three this year, Hull, Crystal Palace and West Brom all find themselves in the relegation conversation with a number of Betfairfans.

But while there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this season, it’s guaranteed to be a fascinating spectacle for football fans around the world.