Overcoming Your Fear of Heights – The World’s Highest Elevators!

There are millions of people around the world who have a fear of heights. It is nothing to be ashamed of, where more people than you truly realise experience anxiety, clammy hands, a feeling of desperation, fear and general irrationality when dealing with heights.

Though it is easy to just say ‘try not to think about it too much’, it often isn’t as easy as that, where despite realising that rationally speaking you are safe at height given the right precautions have been taken, it doesn’t stop the irrationality and overall fear creeping over your body.

In order to truly overcome your fear of heights, it is important to tackle the fear head on, by dealing with high locations and realising that actually it is safe to be up that high, where over a period of time you can work to convert the negativity associated with being that high off the ground into a positive thrill, where actually it can be quite a rush knowing you have reached such heights.

Your chances of overcoming the fear are greatly improved by having someone with you to reassure you every step of the way, preferably someone who won’t make light of the situation and who will make things as easy as possible during the initial period of trepidation.

For your own viewing pleasure, and to help put things in perspective, the following paragraphs will include some of the world’s highest elevators! Many of these have a clear view to the outside world, and for anyone who fears heights will instantly probe a feeling of anxiety. One of the biggest intentions of including these photos is to put things in perspective. These type of heights are to be reached by people who have overcome their fear, but viewing these photos should reassure those who intend to tackle their fear small steps at a time, where in perspective smaller heights will seem like nothing compared to these! Once you have reached a stage where you feel comfortable with heights, try tackling these bad boys and you won’t quite believe what you were able to achieve!

Firstly we have the CN Tower in Toronto. This photo was chosen to give you an impression of the scale of the building, and the height compared to other buildings on the skyline. It is important here to envision an elevator running from the bottom, all the way to the top of the building. This reaches incredible heights, and really provides an astonishing view from the top.

Whilst beginning to overcome your fear of heights, you can compare and contrast the smaller heights you have reached to the incredible heights in this photo, where visualising how high you could be may well come as reassurance that actually it could be worse. At a stage when you feel comfortable to do so, visit the CN tower for a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one of the world’s highest elevators!

Next we have the elevator at The Westin St. Francis in California, which as you can see from this stunning view provides an amazing sight of the city, from an enclosed space which feels very safe. I know that those who suffer from a fear of heights may view the structure as unsafe, but once you have gradually removed this irrationality through conquering heights, go to California for a once in a life time experience, absorbing views atgreat heights.
And finally, the highest lift in the world, The Empire State building’s elevator. This reaches an astonishing height as you can see from the photo, where despite not being able to see the elevator itself, it was important to indicate how high up it really goes. Amazing.

Author Bio: Jack Sams is a blogger from Australia with keen interests in Psychology, Technology and Gadgets. When he’s not working with the team at Grant Elevators you will find him surfing along the North Coast or sharing his stories, tips and insights at various blogs around the web.