Murphy Beds Would This Be A Good Accessory For Your Home?

When the Murphy Bed was first invented, over 100 years ago, it could fold up and be slid into a closet. These beds were perfect for small apartments. Today, they continue to be a perfect solution for the mulch-functional guest bedroom.

When Did it All Start?

William L. Murphy decided to move to San Francisco, where he met his future wife. During this time, he lived in a small one-room apartment and the bed he had was taking up most of his floor space. He wanted to invite people over, but due to the bed, he couldn’t. With that in mind, he started experimenting with beds that fold up – around the year 1900, he applied for his first patent. Much to his surprise, it was a major success but unfortunately, right after WWII Murphy beds declined in popularity. They declined because most of the homes were being built with 2 or more bedrooms. However, today, as homeowners are converting their spare bedrooms (guest bedrooms) into workout rooms, offices and playrooms Murphy beds have regained popularity.

Here’s some things you need to consider when looking for a Murphy bed

Layout the Room How You Want it

Before you get a Murphy Bed, you need to lay out the room exactly how you want it. You see, once you have it anchored to the wall, it will be complicated to change the room.

Make Sure You Can Walk Around the Bed

Once the bed has been folded down, make sure you are able to walk around it.

Make it Look More Attractive

Yes, the Murphy bed may not look as attractive as you like it, but it all relies on the setting. To make it look more attractive, you can add a bookcase on each side of the bed.

Murphy Beds are often referred to as the “wall bed” or the “fold away bed.” Due to the alternate names, many tend to confuse this type of bed with the ever so popular hideaway bed. While both basically have the same purpose, the Murphy bed has been specifically been designed to be put up and concealed when it is not in use.

When Choosing the Bed

Don’t Forget About the Quality

When looking for a Murphy bed, the quality is important. Remember, most of these beds will not come with a box spring.

Shop Around

Sure, the first place you come across may have a good bed but is it the best price? It goes without saying that it always pays to shop around. By shopping around, you will be able to find the best beds for the best price. It’s good to visit shops and see the bed in the flesh, once you have found a model you like you can also check prices on the internet and negotiate in store.

These bed make great accessories to the home, especially the guest bedroom. If you have a guest bedroom that is also a workout area or office, then yes, this type of bed would be a great fit in your home.

Post supplied by Mark Stubbles. Mark writes for Murphy Beds HQ, an independant resource on Murphy beds.