Where To Find Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids Legally

If you’re under 21 – Go away if you know what’s best for you. Run! Anabolic steroids will stunt your growth. Humans actually grow until about 24 years of age. We’re not accustomed to hearing that, but it’s true. However, most of our growth is completed by the age of 21. Taking anabolic steroids earlier than that can have too many negative impacts on your body. In fact, your testosterone production is still high during your youthful years. Simply eating right and lifting weights will pack on the mass. People aren’t just “saying this” – it’s true. So learn to recognize good advice when you hear it (or see it) and hit the weights now and save steroids, if you must do them, for later…!

Are anabolic steroids bad for you? I’m not going to lie – sure they are. So is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol – but if we like the effect they have on us so we use them anyway.

Are there side effects? Yes. The same side-effects you’d expect from any anabolic / androgenic steroid.

How are they legal – crazy bulk? It’s only possible because of a “loophole” in the system making these few remaining compounds NOT illegal. See what I’m saying? They’re only legal because they haven’t been made illegal yet. They have the same effect as illegal steroids do. They’re steroids! Not steroid replacements or alternatives…

Where To Find Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids Legally

They used to be sold in stores until ‘the uproar’ began not long ago. For the time being (and that’s a very short time-being), they’re available online and you’re not breaking the law by ordering or using them -unless you’re competing or playing a sport that tests for steroids. You’ll test positive by using these compounds because they’re real steroids. Like I said, they’re not steroid replacements of alternatives.

Is there any way to counteract the side-effects? Yes, to some extent. There’s are several products that you CAN obtain for “research purposes only”. Most of these are substances that control or reduce the side-effects of anabolic/androgenic steroids.

Interested? Then my guide is for you. It’s short and sweet and it will point you in the right direction to get everything you need quickly and inexpensively. I’m not out to make a quick buck – I’m looking to get the word out about these compounds because the more people I can educate means the more of us to fight the legislature trying to ban them – and less people buying illegal steroids on the black market (which are far more expensive and too-often fake).

Just like alcohol and cigarettes, mature adults should have the right to decide for themselves what’s good for them. If the side-effects don’t outweigh the benefits, then let US make our own educated decision regarding whether or not to use them. The $9.95 charge reimburses me for the thousands of people coming here daily as a result of my pay-per-click placements on search engines.

I’m not kidding when I say these compounds are VERY likely to be GONE in the next few months. The guide will be updated frequently with links to articles in regards to pulling these products off the market. If you like being able to get anabolic steroids that are REAL without having to worry about getting fake stuff on the black market – and/or getting in trouble for possessing illegal drugs – then you WILL BE very disappointed by what you read about dianabol steroid.

In a few months it’s almost definite that the ONLY way you’ll be able to get what I’m directing you to will be illegally. This is NOT a scare tactic. It’s real – as you will soon see.