Be a Content Curator if You Cannot Become a Content Creator

Getting search presence is no longer very easy for websites with mediocre content as Google has raised standards for quality content with Panda update. Till now websites have had reasonable search presence on World Wide Web because Google and other search engines had very little choice with the quality of content.
But now that competition is increasing, demand for quality content writers is on an all time high to help websites sustain their search presence. The demand for high quality content is stemming as websites with poor quality content are losing their ranking value and search presence with top search engines.
Recently an expert with SEO suggested a novel idea to content writers that are not able to create content of the highest quality that meets the standards set by Google or are not able to update their content on regular basis. The idea is to become a content curator rather than a content creator.

While a content creator is the one that has command over the topic of content and creates the content in such a manner that the content has correlation with the website for which the content is created and also has facts, figures and information that has relevance and finds interest with the reader.
On the other hand, if a content writer feels that he is not able to regularly update himself and the content, he can alternatively choose to become a content curator. The job of content curation is not very easy as well because it is a logical and scientific process that requires assimilating content, filtering unwanted content, adding own opinions and sharing the content.
Content curation is not an easy way out, rather a different approach to get correlated to the niche content of the industry. Content curation is not in competition with content creation but is one that helps the creator to reach the people in a scientific manner.
According to the expert, a content curator derives the same benefits as a content creator, or may be more than him because curator is like library on a topic that gets updated with additional content on the same topic from all over the web.
Additional benefits of becoming content curator is that you are at par with the latest developments in the industry or topic of your choice, you have the authority to add web presence to a website by providing it with the most updated content on your industry and lastly you solve the problem of information overload on the internet by filtering quality information and offering it on a single platform.