Luxury Destinations To Visit In Bahrain

Luxury Destinations To Visit In Bahrain
Bahrain is one top tourist’s destination that attracts lots of tourists from different part of the globe. The marvelous and astonishing beauty of this city located at the Arabian Gulf is what draws these huge numbers of visitors to Bahrain. This city has 33 islands which boast of lots of modern luxurious destinations such as hotels, beaches, monuments and many others. Here are some of the top luxurious destinations in Bahrain that you can travel with your spouse for a good romantic gateway or honeymoon.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa

Bahrain is a city that is a home of world finest five star hotels and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & SPA is among the top luxuriant hotel that is quite stunning. The hotel design will astonish you due to the fact that it is magnificently built. This hotel is a replica of a paradise in the north coast of Bahrain. At the exterior the hotel glows brightly with illumination coming from the magical settings of the lights. This attribute makes the hotel quite visible from a distance making it a landmark in Bahrain. Receptions and services offered and foods are equally impressive .The villas here are quite spacious and luxurious and you can get a view of the Arabian Gulf while you are inside your villa. The hotel is set within an amazing lush landscaped garden surrounded by sandy beaches. While at the beach you can enjoy a swim or a sunbath or go and have an extraordinary cuisine at the sea. There is also an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, steam room and sauna. I just can’t mention all the kind of luxury you will get to experience here you just visit and see it for yourself.

Bahrain Mall

The Bahrain mall is the other top tourists shopping destinations that has revolutionized shopping into a luxurious wonderful experience. Bahrain mall is the largest mall in the region and probably among the world’s largest malls. This mall is a home to world renowned luxurious brands and hosts a significant number of stores. The mall is located at the city center of Bahrain and has exciting features that makes shopping an exciting and enjoyable experience. The mall hosts international brands and there is a bank where you can withdraw money and continue with your shopping spree. Luxurious joints that are found in this mall include a movie theatre and top restaurants where you can relax and refresh after a long days shopping.
Sitra Island
Sitra island is the other top luxurious destination that is a must visit in Bahrain. This island is in the west coast of Bahrain and is covered with fresh water springs and date palm groves. Coral reefs are also common phenomenon found in Sitra. Here what attracts many local and international tourists is the world class diving experience and water sports. Those that are sport beach enthusiast this is the perfect luxurious place for you. The ticket to this luxurious destination is through a Bahrain visa. The visa can be easily applied online just by a click of a button. Get yours today and visit this wonderful city of Bahrain for a luxurious holiday.