Kitchen Trends Of 2014

Kitchen Trends Of 2014

It’s often true that when you host a party, guests will gravitate toward the kitchen. Last year, that meant a boring dinner party in a kitchen with white walls and stainless steel. But I have good news! It’s spring of 2014, and that means it’s time for your kitchen to get a makeover. This year, plain-Jane designs are out, and natural warmth is in.

First, your walls shouldn’t be crowded with cabinets anymore. Instead, people are looking for fewer cabinets and more plain wall space to decorate. This includes the area around appliances like your stove and refrigerator; there should be as much wide open space as possible. This makes your kitchen appear larger and less cramped. To decorate these spaces, you should be using gold, black, or brass – these colors lend an air of sophistication to your kitchen. The days of harsh steel and chrome are finally over!


One of the big changes in kitchen design this year is lighting. In the past, it’s been all about low lights, such as sconces and candles. In 2014, that’s changing – designers are using much brighter, cleaner lights. Because you have so much more room on your walls now, you can (and should) find fixtures with adjustable arms. Not only are these good conversation starters, but they’re also functional – you have the ability to point the light where you need it most!


Another shift in design should be your wall. Plaster and drywall have gone the way of chrome and stainless steel; instead, you should be looking for more natural, raw materials. You have a few different options in this field. You can use marble or limestone slabs, which look particularly good around your range or stove. The veins in these slabs eliminate the need for extra decoration and also bring a natural feel to your kitchen. If you don’t like this look, you can use something slightly more familiar, such as wood planking or exposed brick. Light hardwood floors will set off your new walls. Essentially, you want to bring an organic element into your kitchen, and the walls are the best way to start.


In the past, kitchens have had large numbers of wall cabinets. This year, we’re looking for built-in cabinets instead. These can sit directly on your countertop and are often designed to look like furniture. They should have a few simple accents, such as either glass or shuttered doors, but not too much – you don’t want them to look tacky or overdone. Another option is to have your contractor create some open shelving in your kitchen to replace your cabinetry entirely. This gives your kitchen an authentic and cozy feel.

In recent years, kitchens have been very edgy and harsh – all-white walls, granite countertops, abstract decorations. In short, not a very welcoming place to find yourself in. Now, in 2014, that’s finally changing! Between the natural, organic materials, the improved storage space, and the authentic decorations, your kitchen can finally be warm and friendly. Your party guests will be pleased, and you can be proud of your perfect design!

Charlie Teschner started MESA Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling in 1982. Charlie has a journeyman and master plumber’s license. He was raised with a strong work ethic and he now applies those values to plumbing in Boulder.