What Services Are Offered In Export Packaging?

Exporting cargo can be extremely expensive, especially when you have to arrange each process of the shipping individually. Sometimes it may be worth turning to using an export packaging service. They are able to offer you a variety of services which will make the process of shipping cargo much easier for you. However it is always important that you check with your chosen export packaging company what services they have to offer you and if it is all included in the price which they offer you. Services which most good export packaging companies will offer you are as follows:


Most export packaging companies will offer you to use their warehouse services. This can be extremely helpful if you do not have much room at your site for cargo which is being exported. You should always check the type of warehouse they have on offer. If your cargo requires special storage it is essential that you use a warehouse which has these special requirements on offer. You should also check what type of security they use at the warehouse. Some warehouses will offer a 24 hour security guard on site, whereas others will just offer CCTV. You should decide whether you will need top security for your products or not.


All export packaging services should offer you a complete manufacturing process for your packaging. Many export packing services will offer to design the crate or case specifically for your cargo. As the packaging will be specifically designed for your products, this will mean that it should arrive in the chosen destination in perfect condition. If the export packaging company does not mention about designing the packaging for your goods, it may mean that they will use timber packing cases which are not designed specifically for your cargo. Depending on the size and shape of your cargo it may be applicable to use timber packing cases as they can be significantly cheaper.

Transportation & Shipping

Most good export packaging companies will complete the whole process of shipping your cargo. They should provide the transport from the warehouse to where your cargo is being shipped. They should oversee you cargo being loaded to ensure that it is loaded securely. They should also prepare the paperwork which is needed for your cargo. This will include insurance and customs documentation.
To ensure that you are happy with the services which the export packaging company is going to offer, you should speak to the project manager who will oversee the complete process.
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