Bold And Trendy Home Interiors – Using Shades Of Red In Your Home

One of the latest color trends in home decorating is red in various shades. Different shades of red in modern interior designs and home decorations can make a home feel powerful and strong as the color red is known to be one of the most exciting and energetic home interior colors. If you want to brighten up your new living space and add some fun into your home, then opt for dynamic shades of red.
You do not even have to worry about the color red in interior designing to go out of trend because modern interior designs and decorative ideas that include red shades always stay stylish for years. Aside from using red paint on your walls, you can also add small splashes of red around your home or in a particular room, such as red accent wall designs, red curtains and even red throw pillows that can transform ordinary rooms to bold and sophisticated living spaces.

Doubtful About Introducing Red Colors To Your Home’s Interior?

When you incorporate red colors to your home’s interior, you introduce passion and energy to your home and life. Did you know that red accent walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings have emotional meanings and are perfect when creating dramatic design statements? This is because feelings and interior design colors go hand in hand within the color wheel and they can either improve or destroy your desired interior design.
When you understand the meanings of colors and then apply them in creative way, they can enrich any type of interior design. Red colors in particular, from hot red to rich and dark red colors, can encourage excitement, stir the energy in your subconscious mind and invigorate your metabolism.

Passion Within Shades Of Red

The colors used in interior design can determine the way a room must feel. Since red interior shades can make you feel passionate and energetic, you need to balance the amount of red colors to be used in a specific room. When you balance the application of red in your interior you will create a subtle or powerful element. The color red has constantly been associated to red blood, hunts and red roses.
Different shades of red have also been associated with a volcano’s eruption and a cozy fireplace. All these describe passion and power that we all would like to have in our lives each day and they can be experienced when red colors are used in home designs.
While shades of red in home can enhance passion and power, there are also certain limitations to the amount of red to be used based on the type of person you are. If you are an argumentative person, bold red colors may not be the best, because aside from adding passion, it can also bring about a provocative feeling. However, if you are a romantic person, then hot red shades can add excitement and enhance the love between couples.

How Red Can Encourage Changes

It has constantly been encouraged that dining rooms and kitchens have walls painted red and while it may seem odd, there are perfect reasons for it. The trendy red home interior gives out an effect that encourages people to speak and move faster, while also speeding up metabolism. In fact, homeowners who have red interior accents in their living room experience weight loss as they are encouraged to use up their energy, while red interior accents in dining rooms encourage people to eat and talk more thus allowing family member to enjoy their meals with smooth conversations.
When home offices have red accents, the ability to make decisions or take chances with serious matters are easily done, while red accents in bedrooms help you wake up easily, but make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

How Do You Apply Red In Your Home?

The colors you use in your home talk about your personality, creativity and design preferences. Modern interior designs usually feature red accents for stronger emotions and powerful energy, but they can also affect health by boosting metabolism, increasing respiration and raising blood pressure. Are you uncertain about the right shade of red to use in your home?

Lighter Shades Of Red

  • Stimulates passion
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Improves sexuality
  • Offers a romantic and impressive feel

Darker Shades Of Red

  • Enriches modern interior designs
  • Offers luxurious comfort
  • Encourages confidence
  • Boosts power and strength

Bolder Shades Of Red

  • Increases stimulation and pleasure
  • Evokes desires
  • Encourages bolder personalities
  • Increases energy
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