Get Trendy When Posting Memos With Fabric Memo Boards

Why are People Raving about Memos these Days?

It’s not that the spouse has given them extra things to get done on their to-do list. It is the way the memos are displayed on fabric memo boards. Fabric memo boards are the newest way that people can post memos, hang photos, or place words of inspirations so they can be easily seen. These memo boards are unique as they are covered in soft fabric with ribbons set in to create a diamond design.

What Makes Fabric Memo Boards So Special?

One of the great things about fabric memo boards are the way that notes and photos hang on the board. The memo can be slipped behind the ribbon that holds it in place. This is ideal when you don’t want to use tape that can leave a residue of photographs or tear memos that are taken off the memo board. You also don’t have to use pushpins that can also damage photos by causing tiny holes in the paper.

There Are Endless Designs For Fabric Memo Boards 

What ever design you can think of to place on fabric can be made into a fabric memo board. Love a solid dark color with a light colored ribbon, tiger prints or a printed fabric photograph? You can make it into a fabric memo board. Find boards that are round, square, oval and rectangular as you can decide on the size based on how much you want to hang on it. You can even get fabric foam boards shaped like surf boards or a dress.

What Additional Features Can Be Added To A Fabric Memo Board?

Fabric memo boards can be frameless or you can have a decorative frame that fits into the rest of the decor in the room as you can hang it like a picture up on the wall. They may also have a magnetic board surrounded by the fabric as you can use magnets to hang the photos and notes. A few memo boards will be attached to a shelf for an extra place for a pen holder, small trinkets or a spot to hold your coffee cup as you work at the computer.

There Are Numerous Uses For A Fabric Memo Board

Small memo boards can sit on coffee tables next to the phone where you can jot down notes from callers. On the pantry door in the kitchen, you can hang another memo board as a grocery list of ingredients that you need to pick up. Place a fabric memo board in the hallway by the front door to leave notes to the family of special activities or appointments to keep for the day. You can also have a fabric memo board by the television remote or video game controllers to remind the kids about the chores they have to do.
Also use fabric memo boards for your small pictures and photographs that you want to see every day. You can easily change out old photos with new pictures when you need to see the family as you plow through the last of the work project you need to get done that day.

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