What Are The Latest Trends In Bed Frames In Market These Days?

Bed frames are an important factor worth considering when it comes to thinking about beds. It is because bed frames are the main structural units that help in supporting the mattresses and the entire bed. These may be present at the base of the beds, or under the springs that support the mattresses or the above the bed boxes meant for storage purposes. Some beds are entirely constructed on the frames without any other support.

Apart from other purposes served by the bed frames, these also help in enhancing the elegance and outer beauty of the beds as well as the entire bed room. Due to so many benefits or functions served by the bed frames, these are available in various styles and types. The latest and all time favourite bed frames that are mostly admired by all people are as given below.

Metal bed frames- It is the most common as well as latest trend in the list of bed frames. These are totally made of metal and are available in varying sizes such as full, twin, king or queen size. Such types of bed frames are mostly supported in the middle as well as on the sides so that these may hold the mattress over them. These bed frames are mostly supported on wheels or rubber casters on the ground. The maintenance and movement of such types of bed frames is quite easy. These can be easily cleaned as well.

Wooden bed frames- It is another common type of bed frame which is raised off the ground to some extent. These are supported by both headboard and the footboard with the help of wooden frame. Additional support is provided to such bed frames with the help of thin pieces of wood under the box spring.

Platform bed frames– As the name implies, such type of bed frames are available in the form of platforms that are carved in the form of drawers or other modes of storage. Such type of bed frames are most commonly used in waterbeds. Such types of bed frames don’t need a headboard or footboard. These bed frames are quite useful from the point of view of storage.

Adjustable bed frames- As is clear from the name, such types of bed frames can be adjusted as per individual needs. Even such type of bed frames can be split into two parts- each part operating independently of the other.  Since these bed frames are adjustable therefore the mattresses used on such beds should also be adjustable and in correspondence with the needs of the beds. These are particularly useful for such people who suffer from back pain or have some special needs due to their physical limitations or problems.

Bunk Bed frames-It is perhaps the first preference of almost all people when it comes to choosing such a bed frame that helps them save space in their room as well as make available enough space for sleeping. Such types of bed frames stack upon each other.

This was all about the latest trends in the bed frames prevalent in the market these days.