Interesting Facts About Britain

Interesting Facts About Britain

Before travelling to an unfamiliar land or studying aboard, any person is supposed to know some facts about the country. Alice Hill, one of my colleagues who works at new voucher codes, has concluded some interesting facts about Britain hoping these things will be of some use especially to the foreigners.

1. In Britain, 99.9% of the residents think Chinese cuisine taste good.
2. Give your thanks for the drivers when taking the bus.
3. British call people mates instead of calling them guys.
4. There is a large population of Indians and people of Hong Kong living in Britain while the korean covers a large part of the population in America.
5. The British have more interest in North Korea compared with South Korea.
6. Weather forecast belongs to those entertain programs with low ratings.
7. You will notice some people not taking umbrellas even the heavy rain. The British like to take the long handle golf umbrella instead of the short handle umbrellas.
8. Starbuck will be open only when Costa is full.
9. British is used to paying by credit card even purchasing a plastic bag.
10. Body Shop is widespread in Britain.

11. CKJ is just the same brand rank as H&M.
12. Burberry has the irreplaceable position among all the brands in UK.
13. The British are fond of football.
14. Rover, Jaguar, mini cooper, Rolls-Royce and Bentley are the top car purchasing choices.
15. Even the blind can be professor.
16. Learning English better is important if you want to further your study in Britain.
17. Train has a higher frequency than bus.
18. You will find more Chinese in Harrods, Selfridges, Biester Village and other luxury markets than in China Town.
19. Be polite all the time. Say sorry if you hit somebody slightly.
20. Facebook gains much popularity among the British.

Source enough information about any country you want to travel or study so that  you will be able to integrate into the foreign country and foreign culture faster.