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You’re at home & you want to access or deliver important work data to your office team or maybe you’re using a public computer & you don’t want to risk letting the data get in wrong hands.
In order to ensure and maintain privacy, we have at our disposal, VPN for secure internet.
Security is at risk, everywhere on the web
Security of big giants like Facebook, Microsoft, NBC & Twitter was compromised in recent past, i.e. in first quarter of 2013.
Therefore having adequate security is inevitable in order to make our internet usage safe & away from harmful hands.
With a plethora of public internet cafes & free Wi-Fi hotspots, the security concern while sharing data is increasing magnanimously.
With such threat lurking on our heads, it is better to be on the safe side & use a reliable VPN for secure internet.
How to minimize the risk?
Several tools are used in order to ensure safety of our internet usage, some internet users use firewalls in order to block unauthorized access to their computer,
some choose proxies to browse links anonymously; however a more permanent tool is VPN for secure internet.
VPNs started off as a tool to connect several parts of an organization by making a bigger virtual private & secure network.
This was made to secure office data by making a private network or tunnel and adding encryption to the data so that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or unauthorized users like hackers can’t peek into the data.
Now the risk of cyber crimes is not limited to organizations,crimes like identity theft has come at the doorsteps of common users,
therefore the usage of VPNs is now need of the hour for everyone who uses internet.
How does a VPN work?
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, it uses a private tunnel or pathway to connect & communicate with other members of the network.
There are several softwares which provide a VPN for secure internet to their users.
These softwares encrypt all the internet traffic on your pc, i.e. traffic originating & leading to every internet browser, email client and other programs using internet.
Encryption means that the internet traffic is wrapped in a shell or wrapper & no one can see what is inside it.
This wrapper or shell only contains information necessary to reach its destination thus your data is safe inside it since it has a level of security & the risk of someone peeking on your important information is minimized.
What choices do we have?
While browsing from a free Wi-Fi or public internet café, we have several choices of VPN for secure internet usage.
Some of the popular & reliable VPN providers are as follows:
• Anchor Free Hotspot Shield Elite
• TorVPN
• VyprVPN
• Okay Freedom
• Open VPN Shield Exchange
• proXPN
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