The Long And Narrow Room

While you may want your home to have spacious, well-proportioned rooms, this may not always be the case. It may be that you are left with a room that is not just long but also narrow. This presents with a serious decorating problem. The last thing you’d want is for your room to look like a bowling alley.

Spacing Matters

One common issue of decorating a very rectangular room is that you’d have to space seats a long distance from each other. If you had a more square-shaped room, then you would be able to cluster your sofa and seats together to come up with a very cozy space for conversation. With a narrow room, you may have space for a sofa but you’d be left with such a constrained space for traffic if you placed another seat opposite the former. So how exactly do you allow conversation to still flow in your long room?

Form Depends on Function

Before you can begin to think about how to decorate your room, you must know exactly how you’d be using the room. Do you want to turn into a television room? Do you want to place a game table? Or would you rather have a living room where you can nurture conversations?

A Cup of Tea and a Stimulating Conversation

Regardless of how you want to use your narrow room, the best way that you can decorate your space is by dividing the room into different seating groups. Of course, having a very elongated room would prevent you choosing just about any type of furniture. You can forget about the bulky sofa and go for the more svelte armchairs instead. If you want to have a comfortable couch, then you can pair your sofa with an ottoman to balance the entire look without crowding your space. You can also use bulkier pieces of furniture such as a sofa in order to mark each seating group.

Seeing Circles

Another problem with having a long room is that it can seem a bit too angular. If this is what you want to avoid, then pick out circular tables. Experts from Nick Scali  Ltd ( NCK) would suggest that the angles on your table allow you to soften your room. On top of that, you can also place chairs comfortably without eating up too much space. You don’t have to stop at your circular table. You can also choose rounded ornaments and decorative pieces to provide more balance to your space.

Streamline Traffic

Traffic is a big problem if you have a narrow room. This is why you want to direct the flow of traffic with the help of your furnishings. If you’re trying to convert your long room into a television room, then you can position your couch and other seating options close to each other so that you have that free corridor with which you can direct traffic. You can place the television on or against the wall opposite to the couch to create a perfect ambiance for watching the game or spending time with the kids.

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