How To Study In China

How To Study In China

Since China started to flex its economic power, it has generated a huge interest from people worldwide especially parents who want their children not only to familiarize the culture but also exploit great opportunities that come when education is acquired in China or just spend a few years in a British boarding school in Tianjin. Some of the amazing benefits of studying in this country are of course the language, culture, and to gain a network of friends who might be helpful at some point in time.With that in mind, it is important to learn how to study in China.

If you are applying to study in a foreign high school or a university, it is required that you should apply for an education visa in order to enter in any of the schools you want. If you intend to study for more than six months, here are the requirements for visa:

  • Valid and legitimate passport (six months validity) original and photocopy and with blank pages for visa in the passport
  • Properly and correctly filed application form for visa and signed by student applicant
  • Include latest passport size picture in the application form together with life photos, duplicate pictures, and printed digital photos printed on photo paper and not ordinary.
  • Application issued by the Ministry Education in China such as  JW-201 or JW-acceptance letter from an educational institution in China
  • Physical examination certificate which includes blood testing

Notice that the visa application includes admission letter from a Chinese university or school, therefore, it is important to apply for entry in an academic institution prior to applying for a visa.

While waiting for visa approval or prior to application, it is also a must that you should study not only about the educational or learning system in this country but about their culture and language as well.It will be of great advantage if you learn a few idioms, phrases, and common sentences (declarative or interrogative) so that your period of adjustment will be relatively easier.One of the benefits of learning the language especially Mandarin, is that it will help you gain employment or better opportunities in fields of work where skills in Chinese language is a must.

Do not make a mistake of assuming that studying in China is easy. Other than the language barrier, the method of instruction is really different from other countries where emphasis on analytical skills is prioritized rather than memorization which is preferred in this country. Foreign students might find this system boring but he or she might find other areas of learning more interesting such as sports and physical education, extra-curricular activities, study groups, language tutorial, and naturally new friends.

It is wise that parents should choose a learning institution where English is the medium of instruction complemented with Chinese language instruction. There are lots of institutions like this such as a British boarding school in Tianjin for example. While it might be expensive, your child will experience less stressful school days if you choose this strategy.