Everything Required To Nail A Job Interview

Interviews are tough because there are many other hopeful applicants and you have to convince the interviewer you are the best person for the job. It is easy to get nervous and agitated in an interview, so you need to develop a proper calming strategy. Here are a few steps you can follow to get through the interview process successfully:

Before The Interview

  • Research the company and the post thoroughly. Interviewers get a good impression when you take the time to familiarise yourself with the workings and policies of their company. It shows them you are serious about the job you are applying for.
  • Analyse your qualifications, experiences and skills and see if you are good match for the job. You have to be sure that your abilities will be suitable for the post. If you yourself are confident you can do the job properly, you can go ahead and convince others as well.
  • Be prepared. Research lists of possible questions you may be asked and then prepare how you are going to answer them. Also find out about the interview style, whether it is going to single or panel-based. most people find it harder maintaining their composure if there are multiple interviewers so it is best to prepare yourself beforehand.

At The Interview

  • Arrive on time for your interview. It is best to give yourself a time margin in case of heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Be thorough. Bring your resume and letter of application. It emphasises that you are serious about the interview.
  • Go to the interview knowing how you plan to sell yourself, which qualities you are going to emphasise and then stick to those points. If you are not focused and precise, you may end up over-selling yourself and this can cost you the job.
  • Concentrate on your body language. It is widely acknowledged that non-verbal communication is a strong selling point. So make sure to gesture confidently, speak audibly and maintain eye contact at all times.

During The Interview

Interviews make the best among us nervous and edgy, so we sometimes forget to maintain a calm and relaxed front. Sometimes in your nervousness, you may forget to do things like smile, keep eye contact or listen. This can make the interviewer think you are unfriendly and aloof. The key to being composed and confident is to be thoroughly prepared for any question directed towards you.

  • Come up with practical examples from your educational, social and work life to supplement your answers. Facts are well and good, but inserting your personal experiences and opinions gives you a competitive edge as it helps interviewers get to know you as a person.
  • Know the structure of the interview. Most interviews start with simpler questions and progress to more complex ones.
  • Devise ways to appear positive and enthusiastic. Keep your tone both friendly and polite, do not speak loudly or override what the interviewer is saying and be courteous at all times. Good manners are a must for successful applicants.

Craig Mclean is a recruitment expert with over a decade of experience in his field. He works at XpressRecruitment.com, where he provides clients with strong and reliable recruitment advice and direction. He is committed to help people find the right jobs their skills are suitable for.