5 Roofing Tips For Home Repair

5 Roofing Tips For Home Repair

Spring has arrived and it’s time to repair your roof. After heavy winter snows and high winds your roof may have been battered around pretty darn good. Develop a game plan to make sure that your roof is up to snuff.

Use these 5 roofing repair tips to get the job done safely.

Inspect with Care

Materials may deteriorate after some time. Shingles and nails may need to be replaced after breaking down. Keep an eye out for nails pushing up after being driven in too low, or other common issues with singles, to repair what needs to be fixed. Replace faulty, brittle shingles and hammer in new nails to keep your roof safe, secure and in tip top shape.

Leak Check

Extreme weather conditions and time may cause your roof to spring a leak. Spray a hose across different sections of the roof to find leaks. Patiently cover different quadrants to spot problem areas. Be thorough; if necessary, work from shingle to shingle to ensure that you’ve covered all bases. Mark leaking areas for sealing. Methodically address any problem areas to give yourself peace of mind.

Gutter Cleaning

During heavy rains and windy periods your gutters may overflow with leaves, dirt and other forms of debris. Clean out your gutters regularly to keep your drainage system working effectively. Put on a pair of heavy work gloves to scoop out gutter sludge. This mixture may be heavy and slimy; take great care in removing the gutter debris. If getting down and dirty isn’t your thing, use the high-powered jet stream from your garden hose to power wash your gutters. Carefully carry your hose to the roof level to blast the grime and muck. Do a thorough job. Overstuffed gutters may collapse, giving you another home improvement related headache to worry about.

Keep it Safe

Safety should come first. Before doing any roofing work make safety your priority. Don’t attempt to fix your roof during icy or wet conditions. That annoying little leak may be the cause of your death. Patiently wait out dangerous weather conditions to fix your roof only in the ideal environment. Don’t do anything on your roof until you can find solid footing in favorable weather conditions. Work with a partner to stay safe. Only wear rubber soled shoes for a strong, reliable grip, whether you’re wearing work books or similar hardy, dependable shoes. Think through possible dangerous scenarios before climbing onto your roof. Ensure that your ladder has a solid, strong base. Skip roofing repairs in windy conditions. Even moderate breezes can cause you to stumble slightly.

Call the Pros

Some jobs will be outside of your skill set. If you are scared to scale your roof, talk to a roofing care specialist to handle the task for you. Even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourself homeowner needs to outsource certain jobs. Put your ego to the side and call professionals when the situation warrants.

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