How To Look After Your Magnetic Jewellery

Magnetic therapy is becoming a popular form of alternative healing. Using magnets is thought to help enhance the body’s healing process and reduce inflammation from injuries. It is also said to help produce the endorphins which act as a natural painkiller for many issues such as joint and arthritis pain. To benefit from the advantages magnetic therapy,, it is suggested that you wear magnetic jewellery that is designed to help enhance the advantages and that looks attractive. It is also a completely non-intrusive method of natural healing.

If you currently own magnetic jewellery, keeping it in top condition will allow you to continue from benefiting from its healing properties. Here is a brief guide that will aid in helping you get the most from your jewellery.;

Use of Magnetic Jewellery

There is no limitation to how often, or how much you can wear the magnetic jewellery, they should be worn closely to the body as the magnetic field has a limited range. It is safe to wear them while you sleep, as one of the other benefits of magnetic therapy is that it produces melatonin that improves sleeping patterns.

However, because the magnets themselves are not made from noble metals, they may rust due to the high content of iron, so when you are swimming or having a shower, you should remove the jewellery to prevent it from rusting. As the magnets can interfere with domestic appliances and electronics, you should ensure that you do not place the jewellery directly onto credit cards, watches and other electronic appliances. You can still handle a credit card when wearing the jewellery, but avoid close contact.

Caring for your Jewellery

Taking care of magnetic jewellery is just as easy as looking after a standard piece of jewellery.When cleaning, you should avoid using any chemicals as this can damage the magnets and clean them by wiping with a dry cloth. Stainless steel and titanium jewellery can be wiped with a damp cloth, polished and be left to dry when finished. If you want to thoroughly clean the items, use a mild soap with a wet cloth in warm water and rinse well.When cleaning, do not use a jewellery cleaning machine as this can damage not only the machine, but the magnetic properties of the jewellery as well.Some copper magnet bracelets can often leave a dark green stain on your skin. This is normal as the copper from the ornaments are absorbed into the body via the skin. To avoid this reaction, you might want to consider using magnetic jewellery that is made from noble metals such as stainless steel or titanium.

Following these tips will ensure that your jewellery will last longer and that you get the most of the healing benefits. Each type of jewellery can be maintained differently, the information above is the standard practice. Health care professionals can advise you on the best method for care and how to properly use magnetic jewellery. As there is a wide variety of items to wear, they can also suggest the most suitable piece of jewellery for any sort of ailment and that is ideal for you

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