How To Access A Blocked Website

One of the most annoying things plaguing web surfers is attempting to access a restricted website. The reasons for blocks may vary from governments trying to restrict websites to universities or businesses banning certain sites to keep students and employees focused on the task at hand. Whatever the motive for the block you can get around restrictions by using a few creative ways and means to access the site you want to visit.

Use these 4 techniques to access a blocked website from anywhere in the world.

Go with the Wayback Machine

Are you ready to throw things back? The Wayback Machine provides you with a neat tool to access blocked websites through scanning page archives. It may not be able to give you the most real time data in all situations but in the same regard you can easily access dated pages. Simply enter your desired URL to find a collection of cached web pagesover months or years. Clicking on the latest copy of the website is your best strategy for accessing a restricted website.  This is also an entertaining and enjoyable way to observe how a website has evolved over time. So get around the block and gain access to old school versions of the site if you’re not as concerned with getting current, timely content.

Use Translation Services

One clever way to get around blocked websites is to use translation services online. Here’s how it works: Google Translate, BabelFish, AltaVista and other services translate sites from one language to another to get around the block. The translated results will pop up on the service page.  Type in the URL, retranslate the content and the service will snag the content for you. This isn’t the most reliable workaround and may be a little time consuming compared to other methods but it’ll help you gain access to the site that you want to visit for the content that you crave.

Go the VPN Route

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, changes your IP address to allow for access of blocked websites. For example, if you’re cruising the web in Vietnam you may be blocked from accessing certain websites. Paying for a VPN service gives you the ability to change your IP address to say, San Francisco or New York City in the United States, giving you a creative workaround to this problem. One potential downside is reduced performance as information needs to travel quite a distance between your location and your chosen server.

Use Smart DNS Proxy

Watch Anime online with Smart DNS Proxy.  This strategy helps you bypass regional blocks so you can access the content you want to soak up. Use this quick, easy to install method as a workaround to accessing restricted websites in locations all around the globe.  The service uses secure DNS servers so that all of your queries go through these servers. Queries are anonymous and a global network of DNS servers ensures that you can access any blocked website from anywhere on earth.