Get Creative With Your Small Bathroom Designs

Even if you have a bathroom that is smaller in dimension to most, you can still bring a whole new level of design as long as you work hard to maximize as much space as possible. Jim Gibson from talks about looking at the floor plan of a home, your smallest room could be the main bathroom or even a secondary bath. The wonderful thing is that you can work interesting design elements into some settings that are extremely narrow. Simply taking and making the best use of all available corners and using your creativity can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom space.

Utilize Space And Storage

If you happen to have a busy bathroom, there is just about nothing that can stop it from becoming quite a chaotic scene. You could find that all of your shelves will become so covered in bath and beauty products that you will eventually start putting up new shelves or even start to use the window sill as another area to catch everything. Because of this, you need to make sure that you use your imagination to come up with some clever storage ideas. With limited space, you can make the most of it by placing wall cabinets up high or use your vertical space as a way to keep all of your bath and beauty products up and out of reach from little hands.

Think of using a unit of tiered wire baskets as a way to hold your towels or other linens while enlisting the help of a hanging wash bag that can be moved easily to do laundry. For anything that you need to hang up, you can also look for a unit consisting of a row of hooks that are just right for a damp towel or a bathroom that you need to grab in a pinch. Floating shelves are also a great way to use empty wall space and you can even use concealed brackets for an overall clean look.

A lot of homeowners are starting to realize that if they do not use their bath tub on a regular basis that it might be more efficient to take it out and have a smaller shower unit installed. Not only is this a very practical solution but there are also some truly incredible designs that you can choose from that will surely give your bathroom a completely upgraded look. Depending on your storage needs and the amount of space that you free up with such a change, you may want to invest in a large vanity or a storage cabinet.

Mirror, Mirror

A lot of designers like to use mirrors and glass to open up even the smallest space due to their ability to reflect light, which gives off the illusion of both depth as well as height. If you have the chance, look into larger mirrored cabinets or some long mirrors that you can place upon the wall to bring an element of depth. The more you play around with glossy, elegant glass in your bathroom, the more you can bring into the overall look of the space.

Decor Tricks

Anyone who is looking to bring in a fluid and open look to their bathroom may want to look into plain vinyl flooring. This is an option that is easy to clean and very durable, making for the perfect choice for a family bathroom that gets a lot of use. By the same token, think of using lighter colored or neutral floor or wall tiles to add a spacious feel. The darker the flooring, the smaller the space might look to anyone who enters the room.

With a little bit of finesse and forethought, you can really make your bathroom an interesting space that you can be proud of.

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