When One Size Doesn't Fit All: Heavy Duty Chairs

No matter what your body shape or weight, you deserve a chair which is comfortable, functional, and attractive all at the same time. Since big, tall people have different seating needs than average height and weight individuals, ergonomic specialists have created a special heavy duty design. In fact, ergonomics or “going ergo” at the office is all the rage today, providing CEOs, managers, secretaries, and employees with comfortable, full-body support furniture. Ergonomic furnishings have a proven track record of increasing productivity while decreasing injuries caused by prolonged sitting, poor sitting posture, and awkward body positioning on the job. Especially hot-ticket items are ergonomic office chairs, designed specifically to support and protect people who sit for hours on end in front of a computer screen, behind a desk, or in long board meetings.

Ergonomics 101

But what exactly is “ergonomics” and why has this latest office trend taken the industry by storm? The term itself is derived from two Greek words, “ergos” and “nomos,” which mean “work” and “natural law.” Hence ergonomic science studies the relationship between workplace designs and the capabilities of the human body with goal of creating a better fit between the two.

Heavy Duty Chairs: No One Size Seating Solution 

Obviously, since no two people share the same physique, there is no one-size-fits-all seating solution. Hence ergonomic scientists have designed an entire new line of workplace and home furniture which can be tailored to each user’s unique makeup.
Heavy duty ergonomic office desk chairs support up to 350 pounds, featuring a wider and deeper seat as well as special seat adjustment for proper thigh support and a customized fit. A chair height adjustment mechanism provides strong shoulder support, while tilt options and a tension-controlled rocking motion stretch and relax the back muscles, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue and promoting full back comfort.
If you’re in the market for a big or tall ergonomic office desk chairs and are worried about having to sacrifice fashion for function, you can now put your fears to rest. While heavy duty chairs are durably constructed with a larger frame reinforced materials, they feature beautiful waterfall front designs and are equipped with top-grade luxury cushions which come in modish styles andcolors.

Proper Sitting Explained 

According to the experts, proper sitting posture is achieved when:

  • Your upper and lower back are properly supported
  • You sit with your feet resting flat on the floor
  • You sit with your thighs parallel to the ground
  • You sit with relaxed shoulders
  • Your shoulders and hips are in alignment
  • The back of your knees are extend two inches out from the end of your chair seat

Full Range of Ergonomic Office Products

If your office has decided to go ergo, consider investing in the following topnotch ergonomic products and enjoy a healthier, more productive, more energized, and more comfortable workday:

  • Sit-Stand Ergonomic Desk: a remote controlled desk which can be raised/lowered by remote control, allowing you to change positions throughout the workday in order to reduce to your back and body.
  • Ergonomic Monitor Arm: the experts recommend at least 20 inches between you and your computer screen; to avoid neck/eye strain, a monitor arm allows to move your screen up/down and closer/further away)
  • Ergonomic Task Lighting: This minimizes glare and allows you to adjust the amount of brightness per task.
  • Angled Reading Board: holding your documents in a back-and-neck-friendly position as you type.

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise in ergonomic office furniture creating designs that help avoid injury and promote health for all types of discomfort and body types.