Enhance Your Oomph Factor By Choosing The Right Fragrance

A specific fragrance can tell about the personality of an individual and can leave an impact on people around him. Various fragrances from the light floral scents to musky fragrance to the earthy   spice aromas and many more new and classic fragrances are available at usual brick and mortar stores and online websites. But before purchasing the product you should be fully aware of various options available to you.

We will discuss about various sources of fragrance, scents available, how these are concentrated and scents for women and men and how you can get the best offers at Savemypocket.

Scented Products

Powders, lotions, creams, aftershaves, body splashes, soaps and various other scented cosmetic products possess little quantity of fragrance which is below 3%.


It has a base of water or alcohol and has a component of perfume from 3% to 8%. This is less concentrated compared to eau de parfum and is generally used for creating lighter fragrances. You can get some of the best brands of EDTs using Jabong coupon codes.

Men’s Cologne

It has 5% to 8% perfume compound and is relatively more concentrated compared to women’s and has the strength eau de toilette.


This contains 10-15 % perfume and is alcoholic perfume solution. Amazing Zivame coupon can be used for availing discounts on EDPs which are otherwise quite expensive.


It contains 20% to 50% perfume and the fragrance is highly concentrated. It is most expensive being strongest and longest lasting option.


This has nearly 3% perfume in alcohol or water base and is light compared to concentrated perfume.

 Name the Fragrance

A number of designers have introduced high quality fragrances at different price ranges. Depending on your budget, you can get the fragrance of your choice. Few types of fragrances and the descriptions are mentioned below.

 Prestige Fragrances

Desire, Obsession and Pink are the renowned perfumes and are luxury goods which are quite expensive. The fragrance combines exotic and more expensive ingredients compared to its counterparts of mass – fragrance. These fragrances tend to have complex scent.

 Mass Fragrances

There was a time when people frowned upon purchasing fragrances that were sold in drug stores and super markets. Despite this mass merchandisers are trying hard to give it face lift by high quality scents, better packaging and through expanded product lines. Now better choice is available in the form of Coty, Revlon and Adidas at lower rates.

 Celebrity Fragrances

Brittany’s Curious and J-Lo’s Glow are few of the offerings launched by the celebrities in the recent past. These celebrity inspired fragrances are much more than the name on bottle. Detailed research and development are carried out before producing high quality scent that would be appreciated by large number of people.

 Trial of Scents before Purchasing

The manufacturers of fragrance fully understand that men and women want to be different by selection of different types of fragrance. These fragrances are specifically designed for evoking emotional or sensory responses. Some of the main characteristics of the fragrances for women and men are Top Note, Middle note and Base note. It is advisable to test fragrance first because it affects body chemistry.