The Easiest Way To Create Working Landing Pages

If you want to see a real return on investment for your website then the best and easiest way to achieve this is to create working landing pages.
Landing pages are basically a page on your website that is designed to capture leads for you to follow up on. If you are running a marketing campaign via any media, be it emails, social media or SEO the landing page should be the place that your targeted audience arrives at.
The biggest reason for this is that it allows you to judge how successful a campaign has been as you can see what traffic the landing page has experienced. If you direct your marketed traffic to your home page there is confusion as to whether any increases in audience came from marketing or just general word of mouth.
The second reason is that working landing pages will generally make sure that some sort of contact detail is obtained from a visitor even of it is only an email address. These can then be followed up upon to convert into sales and this is where you get another phrase “conversion rate”. When you create working landing pages your conversion rate will rise significantly.
Okay, so now it must be time to discuss how to create working landing pages and what it is that makes them work.
First of all you are looking to invite the visitor to give you something in return for what you are offering. This might be their email address or you might ask for more such as a name and telephone number. Whatever it is that you are asking for you have to make sure that your offer makes it worth their while. You also need to make sure that the landing page advertises just how good this offer is and compels your new visitor to hand over their details in return.
Next make sure that the landing page is just that; a single page. Don’t go putting navigation bars on it so that people can easily move away from this page and see the rest of your content without first giving you something in exchange.
Make it easy for your visitors by keeping things simple. The longer the form the less likely you are to get conversions. So try to keep your working landing pages clear, precise and easy to follow. The last thing you need a landing page to do is upset people before they have sampled what you have to offer.
Finally it is the time to make sure that everything works as it should. As with everything we do on our website you should carry out plenty of test runs before you publish working landing pages. Make sure that the information is coming to where it should be and that the landing page is doing as it promises for the client.
So, now it is eventually time for the top tip. The easiest way to create working landing pages is by using a landing page creation tool. Without one of these you will be left standing still as they allow you to quickly create and test as many landing pages as you like until you get them perfectly built.

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