Why You Should Use Facebook?

Facebook has become a favourite place for small businesses to advertise their products and successfully establish a loyal fan base. Though reasons for this popularity are numerous, the largest contributing factors are the sheer outreach of the internet, the rapidly emerging virtual societies and the economical feasibility of these platforms to connect buyers with sellers.

Owing to these rapid changes, often referred to as the Internet Revolution, even people with very limited budgets are able to advertise their products and services. Owners of small businesses have also taken to Facebook to create pages and promote their work.

Here’s why you must use social networking websites, especially Facebook, for establishing your brand and rapidly boosting your sales.

Why Facebook?


Facebook ads offer a very unique set of benefits to the advertising brand because they effectively blend various elements—visuals and sound, for instance—and then allow users to interact with the buyers. Users can comment on an ad and get to read all other comments posted on it. Whether a product is good or bad, the feedback is right there on the same page as the advertisement. Not only does this promotes sales but also offers the owners to interact with their customers directly.

Wide Reach

With its 1.28 billion active users, Facebook allows advertisers to reach out to a vast audience; giving their ads much more exposure than any other media can.  Each day millions of people from all parts the world log on to their Facebook accounts and use them for personal utility. Therefore, by displaying ads on their newsfeeds, you are bound to get your ads noticed by a large number of potential customers each day.  Such an outreach is impossible with newspapers, television, magazines or radio, with their limited radius of operation.


Compared to other means of advertising, Facebook ads are a lot cheaper (many completely free too), and yet more effective. According to rough estimates, for every one dollar you spend on advertising on Facebook for a day, you reach out to at least 4,000 people. This amount is extremely nominal when you compare these statistics with newspaper advertisements, which can cost you well over $150 to reach out to the same number of individuals.

Facebook advertisements are also quite popular for their fine targeting options. That is, as sellers, you can reach a very specific class of potential buyers who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Targeted Audience

Facebook provides you with various audience targeting parameters—such as geography, language, age, gender and interests—which means your advertisement will mainly be displayed to users who care about a product you are selling and not those who don’t. Sellers who Buy Targeted Facebook Fans to boost sales, also get a handsome return to their investment through increased popularity of their business.