Custom Logo Rugs As A Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

Many ways exist to promote your business, product, service or organization. You may have tried some of them: print advertising, web advertising, radio, television, flyers, mail-outs, trade shows, banners and so on and so forth. If you have a physical location, there is one more powerful sales and marketing tool that many business owners and operators seem to forget about – making use of the floor area of your store or office through custom logo rugs that attract attention and create a general ambiance of prosperity and success.

Custom logo rugs are a time-tested promotional medium that has been around in one way or another for as long as there have been doorways, hallways, entrances and corridors. Custom logo rugs today can be both cutting edge and traditional at the same time.

Why custom Floor Logo Rugs?

Every word in the sequence ‘custom floor logo rugs’ is there for a reason:

Why custom?

Because you don’t want to blend in with the crowd (or your competition). The shape, colors, placement, size, composition, materials and ‘feel’ of the rug or mat are completely up to you – it is in your power to create something that no one else could possibly have.

Why Floor?

You could, of course, also hang something on the wall (chances are, you already have), but just think of where people look when walking into an unfamiliar space. Natural instinct has many people looking down at their feet to check if there is a threshold or other obstacle they should avoid – this is when they would see your logo.

Why put the Logo there?

Because this is your best chance to have your logo positively remembered by the clients through professional and confident presentation.

Why Rugs?

Of course, you could also lay out your logo in a mosaic or stained glass, but the facts of life are such that a rug is not only traditional, it’s also convenient, useful, comfortable and associated with the feeling of home.

A custom floor rug is thus the confluence of several factors all playing in your favor.

What should I choose?

As mentioned above, this is your opportunity to be creative, but, of course, as with everything, you should not overdo it. The logo rug should be clear, shouldn’t be too bright, should not make the visitor uncomfortable, and should convey a positive message. Think about your color choices that will go well with your logo. Think about the shape that would work best. The size is also important – you don’t want to cover the whole space with the rug, but at the same time you don’t want your rug to be lost and always moved around.

A professional custom logo rug maker will be able to consult you on what would be the best fit for your particular situation. Many things will depend on what your logo is like, what the space you intend to use the rug in is, what colors are present around that space, how much area there is to work with and so on and so forth. With the advances in computer technology, it should not be difficult for the service provider of your choice to actually create a computer model of how a particular rug with your logo will look in the desired space (if the company in question doesn’t provide this service, perhaps you should continue looking).

What makes for a good Logo Rug?

There is no one answer to this question, and the best response would be to advise you to seek the professional services of a company in the logo rug business. This should be someone knowledgeable about the materials, colors, shapes, possible issues, previous customers’ feedback involved, using which you can make an informed decision. It is perhaps advisable not to jump to quick conclusions – make sure that the product you are getting is top quality, durable, conveys the message you want, and meets your other requirements.

Many different companies, organizations, governments, churches, military bases and so on and so forth have been using this promotional tool for years – now it is time for you to try it as well. Given the fact that it is easy to get quotes (and the quotes should not disappoint), we can confidently say that you should be able to find a quality logo rug provider in your area without too much investment of budget, resources or time.

This time tested traditional way of marketing yourself really works. You will not be disappointed in the result.

This article was written by Whitney. L. Coopeir, an experienced writer on homes and gardens, according to whom rugs can add character to different parts of a home.