Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

Should you immediately put the pacifier whenever your baby cries? This question is common among mothers. Through the years, parents have been dependent on using pacifiers to calm their babies down. But, using baby pacifiers has its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Baby Pacifiers

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using pacifiers from the Surrey Dentists.


  • Prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, using baby pacifiers has helped in preventing sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. If your baby is asleep while using the pacifier, the risk of SIDS is greatly reduced.

  • Sucks Reflex Satisfaction

Toddlers have a continuous need to suckle and is satisfied through the breast or use of the bottle. But, the need to suckle may even linger even after the baby has finished feeding. During that time, a baby pacifier can be helpful, just make sure that the pacifier will not replace feeding time.

  • Helps Baby to Control Their Feelings

Baby pacifiers aid babies in learning how to self-soothe, which will enable them to control the feelings of diffidence and restlessness. Pacifier’s comfort component produces a win-win scenario for both the parents and the baby. If the baby is relaxed and calm, the parents are also relaxed.

  • Pain Reduction

During painful procedures such as having your baby injected, a pacifier will help divert off their attention from the procedure, as a result, the baby remains calm through the whole process compared to a baby not using a pacifier.


  • Breastfeeding Troubles

Breastfeeding should come as a natural process. But, there are cases, it may take some time for parents and their babies to get to that nipple know-how. To make sure that you are following a good breastfeeding pattern, you must try to avoid using a pacifier during the first few weeks and ensure that your baby is fed from the breasts. Through this way, your baby will not choose the pacifier over your breast, which will cause you breastfeeding problems. As a matter of fact, doctors recommend that mothers allow their babies to use pacifiers after they are 3 to 4 weeks old.

  • Ear Infections

According to experts, babies using pacifiers have increased chances of getting ear infections. Experts suggest that to prevent such infections, parents must limit the use of baby pacifiers during bedtime.

  • Dentition Problems

Dental malocclusions like crossbites in the teeth’s posterior region have been found to be common among babies that use pacifiers. But, babies that don’t use pacifiers will more likely to suck their fingers instead, which is a bad habit that is difficult to stop.

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