The Best Chainsaw You Can Buy

When comparing various makes and models of chainsaws it is beneficial to examine the cost, quality, and effectiveness of each saw. The Solo 636, Husqvarna 240e, Poulan PP3516AVX, and John Deere CS36LE are all finely crafted machines from various countries, each differing in both price and value. One must also take into account the positive and negative qualities found in each saw, then base their decision on which is most suitable for the owner’s intended use and budget.

From German manufacturers comes the Solo 636. Listed at $305.00, the Solo has the lightest weight and fastest cutting speed of the four saws. The saw also has a sure and reliable start which allows its user prompt attention to the task-at-hand. These features make the tool ideal for cutting tree limbs and clearing nature trails. However, criticisms of the Solo saw relate to manufacturing details such as a small starter handle, difficult to grasp while wearing gloves, along with a poorly designed gas cap.

The Husqvarna 240e, which costs $220.00, is made in Sweden and offers solid cutting speed with a reliable motor that starts easily. “Popular Mechanics” states that the 240e should start with one to two pulls at most, keeping in-line with Husqvarna’s solid reputation of producing high-quality machines. A drawback to the Husqvarna saw is the burdensome cover design of the air filter and spark plug. A small screw holds the plastic shield in place and has the potential to be misplaced if not careful.

Poulan, a sister company of Husqvarna based out of the United States, sells the Poulan PP3516AVX for $140.00. This is a reasonable price for a saw with excellent power and a cutting speed equal to the quickness of the Solo 636. It is also an exceptionally practical choice because of the comfort it offers its user. Conversely, of the four saws the Poulan has the heaviest weight by an average of 3lbs and has been known to suffer from intermittent stalling. An interesting aside is that these chainsaws have uniquely reached cinematic fame, as a Poulan saw was used in the notorious horror film of 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

A classic American standard, the John Deere CS36LE, is priced at $250.00. This chainsaw is durable and easy-to-use, with a solid industrial design and high functionality. For a multitude of chainsaw users, John Deere’s rich heritage of producing dependable tools from within the United States of America is an indispensable factor in their choice of chainsaw. However, the CS36LE offers the slowest cutting speed of the four saws and lacks primer bulbs, which may affect the saw’s ability to consistently start when used in areas with colder temperatures.

With its superb efficiency and functionality, best chainsaw of the four examined is the Solo 636. Although priced at the highest margin, the quality of this tool is worth spending the extra coinage. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” However, the optimum choice for the consumer varies depending on his or her desired function of the chainsaw and what the craftsman is willing to spend on the tool.

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