Baking: Not Just For The Girls

Baking isn’t just for the girls any more. As the enthusiasm for such programmes as The Great British Bake Off becoming more and more popular, baking is becoming a trendy choice for both sexes. Jeremy Davison from grabs his apron and makes his way to the kitchen. Oh, and remember, it’s okay guys to wear a pink apron…real men still wear pink.

Just for The Boys

Look at any list of celebrity chefs and you’ll find a plethora of men. From Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver to Rick Stein and Heston Blumenthal, you’ll find that they are all men, and they all love cooking. While it might not be the most traditional career choice for men, it’s becoming more and more popular.

It’s Also Popular In The Workplace

As the trend toward cooking evolves, it’s also becoming more and more popular to bring your culinary delights from home to work. Bake off’s are becoming more and more popular in the workplace and many are hosting fund raisers to bring in money for charity through the workplace. Three of the favourite choices are chocolate sponge cakes, coffee and walnut cakes or even brownies. Everyone brings in their favourite culinary delight anonymously and your co workers get to rate the delights as to who baked the best most delicious cake.

How To Get Started

Prep your kitchen so that you’ll be ready and have everything you need at hand. It may feel a bit like going back to school, but that’s okay, it’s going to be fun. Read your recipe, read it again. What ingredients will you be needing to have on hand? Whether your kitchen has it all, or you are missing a few ingredients you now have a place to start. Keep all of your supplies close at hand and set up a perfect baking area. Start with something simple like English Scones or some fresh home made strawberry jam with a dollop of thick cream.

Be Adventurous!

Now that you’ve made some simple recipes you can go for something that is a bit more challenging. Take a look at some recipes for a tray bake. Picture the reception with your home made lemon drizzle slices. Go ahead and make a full sized cake. Check your oven to make sure that the temperature is right and get baking. You can find many great recipes for a Victoria Sponge cake and admire your handiwork while you taste your delicious newly baked cake on your work place.


There are many traditional favourites that you’ll go to time and time again. Look back to your school days and remember how good something tasted and re create it. Jam roly poly is often a favourite along with spotted dick or treacle sponge. Now that you’ve learned the basics you can focus on something with a bit more challenge. Think of how accomplished you are and how much everyone is going to love your culinary delights. You’ll be able to say, “I made that” to all of your friends and your family.

There’s More Than Just Sweets

In a world where we often think only of sweet delights, there are also some savoury delights for the taking. consider meal sized pies. Start simple and choose a ready made pastry crust to keep it easy. Remember, it’s all about the ingredients not your talent. Look forward to the satisfaction that you made something and take a moment to wipe the flour from your face while you’re creating this delicious delight in your own kitchen with your own hands.

A Fun New Hobby to Share

Don’t stop there. Get the kids and your hubby involved. Have a Sunday afternoon bake off or tea. Work up a menu that everyone loves. Have the children create a menu too. If they are too young to write they can also draw pictures of their favourite choices. Now pretend you’re in a fine hotel and enjoy your afternoon.

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Amy Rice enjoys writing about kitchens of all designs, when not writing she plays adventure golf with her daughter.