3 Things To Look For In Men’s Socks

Socks can make or break a man’s outfit. The subtle accessory can make your apparel pop if you choose the proper color and style of sock.

Think function and form before choosing a sock. Even if it looks pretty you won’t feel too suave walking around with painful blisters. Accessorizing with sharp-looking but thin socks can create an uncomfortable situation based on the dress shoes you choose for a formal event.

Mens novelty wear shouldn’t be a headache to shop for. Keep a few things in mind before searching for men’s socks.


Make sure socks fit tightly. Allow for ample circulation around the toe area. Socks should not cause friction nor should you see folds due to excess material. Heels should covered tightly by your sock. All seams are to be flat in the toe area. Once you notice socks sagging in the heel area it’s time to trash them. Ditto for socks with poor or non-existent elasticity. Some fashion statements of the past honored floppy socks but in this day and age people are being fairer to their feet.


Thick men’s socks provide you with ample cushioning. Weighty, thick socks could be ideal for athletes. Sports like basketball and soccer require heavy cutting motions. Wearing thick, cushy socks helps prevent blisters which may arise from the frequent stop and go movements associated with many competitive sports. Pick socks with a high wool content during colder months as these socks warm your feet.

If you are exercising in hot summer months consider going with lighter socks. Although you want to keep a cushion for your feet going with the thickest socks can cause your feet to sweat excessively. Weighty socks may be the only choice for serious athletes. Even though you want cooler feet preventing blisters is your primary goal.

Bring a spare pair of socks with you for long hikes. It never hurts to have a backup pair of socks handy.  If your sneakers don’t fit properly use socks to create a more appropriate fit. Slightly oversized footwear becomes more snug-fitting while wearing heavy socks and a tight fit can become more comfortable while donning light socks.


Different sock fabrics create varying effects. Lycra or spandex socks stretch to fit your feet. Only a few percent of the sock’s material consists of these fabrics.

Nylon socks dry quickly. This durable, strong type of sock may be a good fit for the active man.

Cotton socks are inexpensive and practical for casual use. These socks trap moisture. Wear cotton-free socks if you’re an athlete as you want to allow your feet to breathe to promote evaporation of foot sweat.

Acrylic socks dry quickly and offer solid cushioning.

Merino wool socks are the ultimate sock for many athletes. These socks can evaporate moisture quickly and provide athletes with a year round solution to finding the right sock for strenuous physical activity. Merino socks are durable, comfortable, soft and don’t easily shrink after use. They also keep feet cool during warm weather months.