4 Cubicle-Free Jobs for Those with Sharp Minds

Many students feel that their only option when it comes to choosing a career is going to college then taking a desk job. While this path is perfectly rewarding for some, it is hardly the only option. Keep reading for four jobs that will free you from your cubicle.

Get a Trade Job

When considering the costs of typical college education, trade school seems more and more appealing to high school grads than ever before. With the average cost of a bachelor’s degree amounting to $127,000, the $30,000 it costs to go through trade school seems like a no-brainer. Additionally, instead of finding one’s self in the unfortunate situation of being underemployed or unemployed after college, many aspiring students go the route of a trade school.
Trade jobs are as varied as the individuals that work them. From welding and construction to aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians, whatever the trade, there are numerous career paths available for trade school students once they complete their courses.

Work in Security

Like the thrill of averting danger? Want a job protecting others? Consider working in security. Though security jobs require a fair amount of training, they are an active alternative to a boring desk job. Though most people begin their security careers as security guards at smaller businesses, there’s much room for growth in the industry. Depending on the position one holds doing security, the salary can easily be well over six figures. Many individuals working in security often branch out to form their own companies—making their earning potential limitless.

Start Teaching

Many people that find the cubicle life isn’t for them take a shining to teaching. Instead of having to sit at a desk from 9 – 5, teachers take on an entirely different frontier: shaping the minds of the world’s most precious resources. While teaching is certainly not the easiest job, it can be incredibly rewarding. Instead of being just another number in an office, teachers find value in the fact that they are actually making a difference in the lives of others.

Care for Animals

One of the perks of taking on a career that is outside the corporate realm is the potential of working with the best creatures on earth: animals. Expanding one’s career options to include working with animals can be a life-changing experience. Many people that choose to work with animals as part of their career do so as a way to always be around their favorite creatures. This career choice can take the form of veterinarian, groomer, or any position at a pet store or animal shelter. For someone that really loves animals, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as working with these precious creatures.
Before choosing to settle into the wrong career, any individual questioning whether or not to commit to the cubicle life should be sure to review all their options. While these four careers are just a few of the viable paths for a new job opportunity, they may be just the inspiration you need to find your true calling.