Dress Your Office To Impress

In business world of today, image matters. This means that if you’re to impress potential clients and investors (not to mention your own workers!), your office must look the part. The days of dull desks, samey seats and boring boardrooms are gone. To create the right impression, you have to dress your office to impress, and here are some simple suggestions to help you do precisely this.

Push the Boundaries

When it comes to office design, it’s all too easy to think within the box. However, to really wow with your workspace, you’ll need to use a little imagination and push the boundaries. For inspiration, turn to the tech giants. Firms like Google and Microsoft are leading the way when it comes to office innovations, introducing everything from slides to interactive touch-screen tables.

OK, perhaps these design features would be a little farfetched in your work area, but there’s nothing to stop you being more creative when furnishing and decorating your space. Even simple touches like adding luxury office chairs in stunning contemporary designs could help to give your workspace added character. Chic designer desks could also look fabulous in your office, and you might benefit from introducing some eye-catching breakout furniture in the form of colourful ottomans, low level tables and benches fitted with acoustic surrounds.

Innovative touches like these can help to bring your office to life and give it a distinctly modern and dynamic look and feel.

Be Bold with your Branding

Dress Your Office To Impress

All too often, offices have a generic look and feel. If you were beamed into the middle of a typical working space, the chances are you wouldn’t know which firm it belonged to. If you want your office to avoid this pitfall and stand out from the crowd, it’s important that if reflects your company’s individual brand. This will help to give the area an added sense of professionalism and focus.

The good news is, branding your office is easy. Simply including your corporate colours in your decor will immediately signify that the space is yours. It also helps to select furnishings that reflect your firm’s ethos. For example, if you’re keen to position your company as innovative and forward looking, make sure your office is filled with modern, chic chairs, desks and storage solutions. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to emphasise a traditional approach, more conventional pieces will work better.

Be sure to use branded signage both inside and outside your office too.

Dress Your Office To Impress

Pay Attention to those All-important Finishing Touches

Last but not least on this short list, pay attention to those all-important finishing touches. Sure, getting the right desks, tables, cabinets and other furnishings should be your priority when you’re revamping your work area. However, there’s plenty of room for some tweaks once you’ve got the fundamentals in place.

For example, plants are virtually a must, and plenty of them. They can add colour and vibrancy to virtually any space, and they even help to clean the air. Some artwork could make a great addition to your office too. It can foster creativity among your workers, and it will bring added interest to your walls.

As long as you pay attention to issues like these when you’re setting your office up, you won’t struggle to create the perfect workspace.