HTC One M9 Supposed To Fight Galaxy S6

HTC One M9 Supposed To Fight Galaxy S6

When it comes to mobile and Smartphone technology, things move at an instant speed. It is ever modifying and forever developing. The latest HTC One M8 has just been available for a few months, but there are so many reports, news, rumors and still concepts of what to anticipate from the HTC One M9. HTC acquired a totally different strategy over the past years and made public the latest M8 in the month of March ahead of the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and whatever new is approaching from the Motorola. In fact, all of that was probably a try to be in first position to hit the market and attain some traction and it looks they will do the identical for the year 2015.

Some Predictions

Due to the iPhone 6 instantly coming with a release afterward this year, Samsung definitely works hard on the greatly rumored Note 4 and still the forthcoming Galaxy S6, the HTC is supposedly seeking to get out ahead in the year 2015. New speculations and rumors have started to appear about 2 forthcoming flagship Smartphone devices from the firm, which are slated for a premature arrival subsequent year.

You can expect M9 Prime premature next year, and a totally improved M9 prior to the closing stages of the March in 2015. Currently, rumors have been moved here and there wild about M8 Prime, but it demonstrates that a product is deceased in the water. Though, according to the reports, you can anticipate a completely improved and impressive M9 Prime to come initially in the year 2015 that will afterwards be followed by the more conventional and flagship M9 to replicate the existing M8.

Later this year, Apple will lastly publicize and introduce all new iPhone 6, which is rumored to available in multiple sizes of the display screen, lastly providing a big screen gadget in order to compete with the most popular Android OS. In addition to the greatly expected Note 4, and the M9 Prime is coming prior, makes an ideal sense. In fact, this would permit HTC in delivering the highly developed technology only a few months after the latest devices from the Samsung and Apple, all in a huge premium Smartphone device.

Waiting for the M9

In past years, the HTC made public a flagship Smartphone device, then usually a big gadget as the HTC One Max. Striking the essential and mainstream market initially, prior to going towards the niche market of huge Smartphone devices is what you can expect. Samsung performs the identical to the Galaxy S range that is afterwards followed annually by the Note Series shortly in the year.

Fascinatingly enough, it seems like HTC is interested in trying to compete some months after the Samsung Note IV with the HTC One M9 Prime, then getting ready and launching a successor to the recent M8 prior to the end of the March 2015. It will supposedly be known as simply the M9, but in fact, it is too premature to tell. This strategy might offer HTC a side over the famous Note 4, whilst still permitting the firm for delivering the M9 prior to the Galaxy S6. Also, One M9 competition would not end with S6 there would be other beast as Sony Z4 that would be the nightmare for M9, well let’s wait and watch the real coming competition.