Delta Sigma Theta –A Group Solely Dedicated To The Betterment Of Women

Learning is an endless process. We learn from different sections of the society and the day we enter college it leads us to the path of development, where we learn different and new things from different people coming from various aspects of life and world.

We become part of various groups in our colleges, there may be a dance group, a gymnastic group, computer group and the list is endless. Similar to this, students from the Howard University started a group called Delta Sigma Theta group which mainly focuses on the college girls and graduate women. These educated ladies or girls are the soul of this group, the existing members take the new members without any discrimination. They believe in the equality and follow the same, anyone from any religion, from any country can become a part of this group. During the time when the group was formed, the condition of the African American community was not good.

Hence  Delta Sigma Theta mainly focuses on  this community. This genetic group is called African Americans as their ancestors belong to Africa. The sorority is solely dedicated to the upliftment of the students in both academics and social environments. With this in mind, they have brought a number of students together on the same platform.

The group has gained popularity in the list of  famous groups working for the betterment of the society. They have their branches in different part of the world, Japan, Bermuda, United States, Korea, Germany, England and Virgin Islands. The group has taken the membership in the national pan- Hellenic Council and the National Council of Nergo Women.

The group was formed on January 13, 1913, by the girls in the Howard University and since then they have kept on serving the people. They have also addressed all the challenges faced by different socioeconomic groups across the world. Even in the United States, they have persisted with their  work in a dedicated fashion. This has helped them  achieve a good reputation.

Since the group is for the betterment of the African- American, its sole motive is to aware and educate the entire world about the sufferings, development, education, and health of this group.  Apart from that, the group is devoted to providing better health and education to all those who cannot afford it.

The group, Delta Sigma Theta follows an organizational program called ‘Five Point’ program Thrust’. The Program focuses on the Economic and Educational Development, Political involvement and international awareness,and health (both, mental & physical). Each of these programs is operated and coordinated by committees, national headquarters staff and national executive board.

The group supported the campaign for the World Aids Day, which is celebrated on 1 December and was founded in 2008. As a group it also  promotes and disseminate information on Aids. The branches of the group, which is also called chapters increased the awareness and kept on educating people about Aids in different parts of the world.

Among thousands of members, few have managed to reach at the heights or the position of the national heads, Bertha Maxwell Roddey, Marcia Lydia Fudge, Gwendolyn Elizabeth Boyd, Paulette C. Walker, are some of the names from the endless list of the successful people.

Every year the group organizes a convention where all of its members meet and discuss about their targets, achievement and new innovative ideas. The group is all about women Power and their development. So if your target is to be part of such a group, you should not hesitate. Join the Delta Sigma Theta today and make a difference.