6 Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly Life In Dubai

When you go down the list of things in life you can change and improve in this world, give these 5 easy things a try. Some of them you might not consider eco-friendly.  Step out and give this eco world of Dubai a new opportunity to wow you.

Horse Power

Step back in time with this eco-friendly option to improving transportation from resident to resident. There will also be solar polar vehicles and homes. Yes it is a horse that provides the initial and strongest power for this up and coming housing development. The all sound ambitious and exclusive, how will they ever pay for it all? The expected completion date for the horse and solar power community is 2016; it will lead the way into future of green development.


Once upon a time textiles were only made from fabrics; silks, denims, cotton, etc. But since the integration of Avant guard techniques and forward-thinking designers new brands are now using recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. There is a fair-trade policy set in place and each t-shirt (the primary product) is made with 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester (broken down from 3 plastic bottles). So when you drop your Coke bottle down the recycling bin with 2 of your friends then you are producing a T-shirt later. The result of this t-shirt leads to lower cost of washing, better on wear and tear, and a shirt you will have for a lifetime. Once you go DGradeand you will never go back.

Green Car Rental

Everyone hears green car and they see an image of a mini itty biddy little car that most people have to be poured into to go anywhere. However, this isn’t true anymore. In Dubai, residents and visitors alike have the choice to employ any variety of cars in their fleet. The collection includes the BMW X6, the Telsa Roadster electric supercar, the luxury hybrid Kiskar Karma named car of the year Top Gear. While you will pay luxury prices for these high-end models, there are other more reasonable prices and choices for you and your family. When you are choosing green, there ae lots of selections for your time in Dubai.

Philippine Community Fund

Some consider Dubai one of the well-funded cities in the UAE, so it is not unheard of to hear that Abu Dhabi has organized an initiative to assist the Philippines with recovery from the 2013 super Typhoon Haiyan in November of 2013. Many countries and their states or provinces have send aid and fund to the Philippines to help. While many think the disaster has subsided, there have been challenges that continue to trouble the Philippine population. In an effort to combat the continued challenges the Philippine Community Fund collects soft drink ring pulls and plastic bags to be recycled into high-end jewellery. The PCF renews these items through the local green organisation Goumbook who sell the product to benefit the Philippines; you can follow the progress and need at their website.

Little Bu

Originally designed as a cosmetics company intended just for children, Little Bu is a toxic-free nail polish for kids and adults alike. The designers are animal conscious and do not test on animals and is a vegan product. The brand comes in odourless, wash-off, peel-off, and nail art stickers. There are also collections, gift sets & accessories, and online dairies with activities. Little Bu is the Eco-Safe product for your sophisticated little one and the adult in your family.

Turn Your Property Green

Dubai is certainly trying hard to go as environmentally friendly as possible. A lot of the property currently being constructed is built with the environment in mind; however, if your already living in Dubai, there are methods that you can do in your home to reduce waste output. Firstly, replace standard lights with energy saving lights and recycle as much as possible. Turn off appliances at the wall to save electricity and conserve water where and when you can. If you live in Dubai and are thinking of moving house, use real estate sites such as AAJ Property as they often have eco friendly properties for sale. So whether you choose to turn your current property green, or you choose to move in to a property that is greener, make sure you ask plenty of questions and do your research online into what hurts and what helps the environment.

james Richings is a writer from the UK