Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Gifts

You have close friends or family that are about to get married and you want to get them something that they will cherish. What can you give them that will help them remember their big day? Perhaps something useful that they will continue to use in the future, something that will stand the test of time. Here are some suggestions that might help make their wedding day even more special;

Personalised Gifts

These types of gifts will show the couple that you have really put in the extra effort. Having their names engraved on house hold items are a popular form of gift. Handmade gifts can be a lovely present to give to newlyweds and these can be anything from bathrobes with embroidered initials, to handmade mugs with names engraved on them. It’s an inexpensive idea and something they’ll cherish for a long time.


The most traditional and still the most popular form of wedding gift. It is something that will last and a gift that they can use over and over again at dinner parties or family events. Fine bone china can be easily sought and is a well-liked present with most couples. Sometimes a couple will include it on their requested registry gift list.

Bespoke Jewellery

Have a bracelet, or ring engraved with the date of their wedding. It is a well thought and truly personal gift for a newlywed. It’ll be something for the bride and groom to remember.

Master classes

Why not get them registered for a class they can take together? They can both learn a new skill. There are a variety of classes that they can take, from food classes to pottery, registering a couple for classes are a good way for them to spend time together and bond. Along with this, you can also get them a couples pampering treatment. Find out where they are staying for their honeymoon and see if they offer spa or romantic meal gift.

Tickets for two

Most couples would have already planned their honeymoon. If they haven’t, that could be a gift you can arrange. An all-expenses paid trip is ideal gift for them and saves them the stress and hassle of arranging their honeymoon by having it sorted for them. If they have a honeymoon arranged already and you think this is the perfect gift, keep them up to date to ensure that it does not clash with their honeymoon plans.

Designer Home ware

Alongside the fine bone china dinnerware, something that will add a bit of class to their new home is always welcome. Newlyweds will always need items to adorn their new home, from cutlery, to cushions, anything to add a bit of sparkle. Handcrafted items are always a bonus and are a unique gift to give.

It’s not always easy to purchase gifts, if all else fails, you can go for vouchers. These suggestions might help you with ideas for gifts, and the best option is to give them something that they can use.  For further information, please click here

By Harry Price

Harry Price enjoys a varied life from writing one day to playing football the next.