5 Tips For Kitchen Redesign On A Budget

Redesigning your kitchen doesn’t need to be an expensive job. If you’re ready and willing to do some legwork and stick to a reasonable budget you can build your dream kitchen without falling heavily into debt.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Many a homeowner with the right intentions has spent a small fortune on kitchen remodels. It can be too easy to find yourself spending thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest stainless steel kitchen appliances. Once you factor in marble counters and designer cabinets you could be looking at a staggering investment.

Decide on a figure before shopping around. Don’t overinflate the benefit of having a redesigned kitchen when it comes time to sell your home. A new, state of the art kitchen can increase your home’s resale value but not as much as you may think. Patiently find a figure that fits into your budget and stay below that number no matter what.

Find a Contractor

Do your homework to find a skilled contractor at a reasonable price. By doing strict due diligence you can locate a professional who fits into your budget. Ask around for referrals and use the internet to make your job easier. If any friends or family have had kitchen work done speak to them about their contractor. If you hear good things about someone who will work at the right price add them to your watch list.

Simple Works Well

Don’t go overboard with bells and whistles. Stick the basics. Redesign your kitchen intelligently by investing only in what needs to be replaced. If your refrigerator works fine and fits the new décor don’t invest hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new fridge.

The goal is not to go heavily into debt just to give your kitchen a new look. Although having an appealing, modern kitchen can boost your home’s resale value it’s not worth taking on heavy debt.

Be smart. Replace what needs to be replaced and don’t touch anything that’s working fine. Save yourself a small fortune.

Work with Cabinet Space Wisely

You can replace cabinet space with open shelves to save yourself money while adding a sleek design to your kitchen. Or you can replace one cabinet set with shelves and keep a set in your kitchen. Being creative with storage space can help you remodel on a tight budget.

Consider placing a kitchen fan inside a cabinet with no bottom. This can increase circulation in your kitchen without having an unsightly fan taking up wall space.

You can save on kitchen and bathroom cabinets by buying dependable brands at a discount.

Buy Appliances with Care

Stay away from expensive brands when purchasing kitchen appliances. You can buy reliable new appliances without breaking the bank. Purchase appliances with a high energy efficiency rating. Save on your energy bills while sprucing up your kitchen with affordable brands.

You can always purchase basic white colored appliances and conceal them behind cabinets which match the overall décor of your kitchen. Being creative helps you save money without sacrificing the design of the room.