4 Tips For Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car should be an exciting experience. Finding a new ride to work or school can provide you with a convenient, dependable way to get around. Before shopping for a used car use these 4 tips to buy a sound automobile.

Check the Seats and Carpets

Stains on carpets and seats may be virtually impossible to remove. If buying used look carefully at the upholstery to see if you’re buying a good used car or a dud. You can replace carpets and seats but the cost of such an upgrade on a used car isn’t worth it.

Check underneath fitted seat covers for any signs of extensive damage. Seats with airbags and electric motors can be expensive to replace so make sure you’re buying intact, quality seats before you purchase a used car.

Inspect for Warning Signs

If you note mismatched colors on the car or other warning signs like misaligned panels you want to avoid such automobiles. This car was likely worked on after a shunt. Moldings, window seals and door handles marked with traces of spray paint shows signs of repair.

Check the engine bay. Does it appear to be power washed? Although this could be thoughtful maintenance for the new owner in some cases power washing is performed to cover up any fluid leaks within the engine. Take the car for a long test drive. By driving at different rates of speed for a good 45 minutes to an hour you’ll see any fluid leaks under the bonnet after the trip.

Look for a Handbook and Keys

Don’t forget to look for a handbook in the used car. These manuals are difficult to find and expensive to replace. Check the car’s security system. Test the locks to make sure everything’s in working order. Ask about the number of keys provided to the owner when the car was new as replacement pairs can be a costly investment.

Master keys rich with multiple functions can put you back even more if you need to replace them so figure out exactly what keys you’ll need and how much replacements cost before moving forward with your due diligence.

Observe the Car in Clear Conditions

Although you may want to start your research campaign immediately, viewing the car in the wrong light can be a costly mistake. Don’t check out the car at night, in poor light or in rainy conditions. Water buildup and darkness can mask the car’s true condition.

Go car shopping on fair weather days to see the car in the light of truth. Carefully look for dings, bang ups and any other signs of damage during the day time to see the true condition of the automobile.

Don’t forget to observe the vehicle from all angles as some less reputable owners may try to hide lesser inspected regions of the car which are carrying damage. Squat to inspect the lower end of door panels to observe one such spot.

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