Top TV Law Advertising Campaign Tricks

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We’ve all seen them, and most will someday need to contact them.  Law firm commercial campaigns on TV make an extremely large majority of all the commercials that air on TV.  Some are stern and the take the perspective of the law firm speaking down to the individual in need.  Others have a more friendly pitch insisting that they will fight and win your case with little or no work.  Whichever the scenario is, we have all seen a ton of these commercials all over the country, on every channel, at every part of the day.  But what TV ad campaigns really work for the top law firms in the country?

The key benefit with TV advertising comes from people’s emotional connection with video.  More than any other channel of marketing, video is more psychologically fulfilling for people.  TV advertising is the closest thing to having a real interpersonal communication experience with another person inside of one’s home.  Not only that, but video advertising has the same experience for viewers through inbound marketing as well.  Different online platforms such as Google, YouTube, and blogs are just as beneficial as TV advertising.  For these reasons is why law firms flood TV broadcasting and online platforms with numerous commercials all the time.  But just because a law firm takes up a ton of commercial space on TV and YouTube doesn’t mean that they are actually connecting with their customers.

So what do the top TV advertising campaigns all have in common?  They are catchy and they stick into the minds of their viewers like glue.  Not only are they catchy, but they have minimal content that is easy to remember for viewers.  What is important for a law firm to focus on is how to get the most important content out to the viewer, but still keeping it minimal.  For the most successful law firm ads, what they do best is take the most minimal and important information, and they make catchy rhyming phrases out of it.  Rhyming is a great way to have your information stick to a person’s mind. 

And with good rhyming, what is also most notable about successful law firm ads is a catchy jingle or song that goes with the commercial.  By using a jingle and rhyming pitch line in the commercial, people will begin differentiate you from the other law firms and when they need legal help, the catchy jingle and pitch line will be one of the first things that come to their mind.  TV law firm advertising can be tricky business, but if you do it correctly and your pitch sticks with people, you can be assured that your lead database will explode with new cases and opportunities.

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