Top Broadband Providers

If you’re looking for broadband TV or any other broadband services, it’s best to start with the bigger names. You can guarantee a certain level of quality and stability in your package. They also have the widest range of options. On this list of the top broadband providers, expect to see many of the leading providers, as well as a few less well-known ones.

BT Group

The BT Group operates under the BT Total Broadband label. As of this writing, it’s approximately 4.6 million customers. It sells broadband on a wholesale basis via Openreach. Sometimes, it works with the Plusnet brand. It began this relationship in 1997. Since then, it has won multiple awards for customer service and caring for the needs of its consumers.

Sky Broadband

If you’ve ever watched any Sky channel, you’ll see this advertised regularly. Like Virgin Media below, Sky has invested heavily in marketing. You can find its services on TV, through the radio, on the Internet, and on billboards across the UK.

It’s a reasonably new broadband provider. It only started offering its services in 2006 from its London-based headquarters. It pioneered bundling and most of its customers buy broadband as part of a range of services.

Like BT Group, it’s won a number of awards for customer satisfaction. In 2013, it took over O2’s broadband business.

Virgin Media

Next to Sky, Virgin Media is the most well-known broadband brand in the UK. In a similar vein to its main competitor, it offers its broadband services as part of a package. Consumers currently take advantage of the Quadruple Play package where broadband, TV, phone, and mobile are all included. It’s won multiple awards over the years for its bundles.

It provides quality fibre optic cables up to 100MB. It also has plans to release 120MB fibre optic before the end of 2013.

As of this writing, it claims to have 10 million customers. In the absence of Sky’s consumer figures, it makes Virgin Media the largest broadband provider in the UK.


TalkTalk is a service you’ll always see on comparison websites like It’s one of the oldest services as TalkTalk began offering broadband in 2004. It sits behind Sky and Virgin Media with 4.12 million customers, as of the last count in December 2009.

It offers broadband and landline services. At one point, it also had an Internet browser and emailing system called AOL. You’ll find TalkTalk’s broadband being marketed as the AOL Broadband brand.

Choosing One?

All these options are available to you and have slightly different specialities. The prices don’t differ much, unless you intend on buying a package deal. It doesn’t really matter which brand you choose as long as they serve you. They’re all stable and have large infrastructures.

These are the ones which win awards. They don’t offer every type of broadband package, such as business broadband, though. Do your research before settling on a brand. Make some enquiries and ask about the various deals and offers available.

Tim Miller is a writer and also a new broadband TV provider. He chose to get his services through