4 Tips For Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can provide the perfect finishing touch for your home. The classic looking, easy to clean surface appeals to many homeowners who want a simple yet elegant solution for their flooring needs. There are also many benefits to hardwood floors which include being strong, tremendously durable and quite practical. Before you choose a floor do some careful planning. What type of hardwood flooring would match your décor?

If you can easily visualize the right fit for your home you’ll have a blueprint to work off of. Resist the urge to rush through the buying process. Even though you might crave a classic, clean-looking lighter finish you may regret this selection for high traffic areas like by your front of back door. Consider the foot traffic in various areas of your home before selecting a flooring style for different rooms.

Choose the Right Finish

Do you have a large, active family? Or are you a single person who’ll be seeing less traffic on your hardwood flooring? You can use a lighter finish in a sitting room but consider a darker alternative if you’re placing flooring in a hallway or living room that sees plenty of traffic. Choose a finish which can handle the wear and tear consistent with your floor traffic. This is really important because it is easy to get seduced by a particular type of flooring, even if it is not ideal for that particular area of the home.

Buy Different Wood for Different Areas of the House

Stay away from extremely dark or light finishes in the kitchen. Food stains tend to show up freely on these types of finished floors. High traffic areas like by your front door or back door are also poor areas for a light finish. Scuff marks can ruin your floors with light finish. Consider using a more neutral shade in areas where scuffs or stains tend to show up more easily.  Select your wood flooring carefully based on where you will place the finish in your home.

Think through the Installation Process

If you want to have a professional work on your hardwood floors shop around for a skilled craftsperson who will do the job for the right price. Doing both online and offline due diligence will help you find the perfect match. Consider asking around. Contact friends who’ve had floor work done. Check out online reviews. Receiving good reviews through word of mouth can give you confidence in hiring a professional.

Going the solo, do it yourself route means plenty of physical and mental preparation. If you plan to save in the financial department you’ll have to spend blood, sweat and tears learning how to install your hardwood floors properly. If you want to save money you’ll have to learn the skills in order to not damage your flooring. Think carefully before going this route, since your efforts to save money here could end up costing you much more in the long-run.

Pick Flooring Which Vibes with Your Preferences

Think through your tastes. Which style of flooring vibes with you? Build a vision for your home. Picture your ideal flooring before making a purchase. The fun part of the process is picking the right style and coloring of flooring. If you choose hardwood flooring which complements your lifestyle and tastes you will be happier with your selection.

 There are many benefits of hardwood flooring, and it can be a great way to spruce up the look of your home. Just choose carefully to ensure you are getting quality material, and that you are happy with the results.

Ryan Biddulph enjoys blogging about all things home improvement, from remodeling tips to being more green.