Why It’s Worth Investing In Herringbone Parquet Flooring

What is Herringbone Parquet?

Depending on how much time you spend inspecting the floors of homes you’ve visited, we’re willing to bet that you have, at some point or another, come across what is called a Herringbone Parquet.

The Herringbone Parquet is, you’ve guessed it, a type of flooring. This particular type of flooring is developed from a range of woods and is mostly renowned for the aesthetic that it creates.

If you have ever seen a floor which has been comprised of many small tiles of long wood that intersects with similar panels in a geometric pattern of some variety, you will have noticed that it creates quite a pleasant visual effect.

You will have also noticed that, unlike many other, older, wooden floorboards, the interlocking joints of a Herringbone Parquet are particularly flush, leaving no gap for dust or grime.

Herringbone Parquet Patterns

Traditional floorboards were designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to stand or walk upon. Herringbone Parquet floorboards surpass the basics of flooring by giving them a beautifully decorative appearance and flush joints for practicality. Cleaning your floors need by no harder than the occasional sweep or hoover.

How the flooring appears though might require more of your time. With a number of different layouts available for the floor tiles, you have the option as to how your floor looks.

You can lay out each panel singularly, in double formation or in triple formation. The varying colours available to you allow you to select the most striking mixture of tiles to suit the design of your room.

Engineered Herringbone Parquet Blocks

The reason why we use the word ‘invest’ when discussing a purchase of Herringbone Parquet flooring is because the purchase of the blocks will see you through a significant period of time, unlike an investment in carpet which loses its spring within the first year and can often become matted or thin a few years after that, wooden flooring is a much more viable choice for a long-term flooring solution.

This is partly because of its robust design and wood’s natural ability to sustain traffic over longer periods of time, but it is also because it has been engineered specifically to withstand large amounts of use. You are often able to select the wood in which you’d like the blocks created and then the engineering process begins.

The Best Wooden Flooring

Herringbone Parquet block flooring is effective and quite unmistakeable, through investing in Herringbone Parquet wooden flooring you can witness the appearance of your entire room change – the opposing angles of each blocks’ grain will reflect against the light and create mesmerising patterns that fill your room with interesting detail.

In addition to its appearance, the use of Herringbone Parquet flooring can be used in harmony alongside other exciting floor products such as under-floor heating.

Ultimately, Herringbone Parquet blocks are a versatile, beautiful and practical flooring application that can totally alter the way you look and look after your home. An investment into Herringbone Parquet blocks will see the floor of your home looked after for some time, what with its robust design and sturdy construction, you needn’t worry about changing your floor again for some time.

Joe Bishop is the Director of a leading supplier and installer of herringbone parquet wooden flooring in Essex- William Beard Flooring. Joe has a personal love for wood flooring and thinks that it adds charming character to any home