Your Pet Needs You – Top Tips For Healthy Pets

Here is a list of essential healthcare tips for pets. Includes useful instructions for dogs, cats and rabbit health.

Pets are one of the great joys of life. For the elderly, those with children and those with no family at all, pets satisfy the very human part of us that needs to give and receive love. Whilst this emotional exchange is important, remember that, just as with children, meeting the practical needs of any pet is also part of loving them. Here are just a few ways to ensure your pet is healthy and happy so that you can enjoy their company for as long as possible.


A high quality diet is key to pet health. Make sure you buy the best food you can afford and try to avoid food that has soya and vegetable fillers. Look into scientific diets, such as dierenspeciaalzaak health, as they can address pet health issues and save on vet bills at the same time.


Aim to walk your dog twice a day, with one long walk at weekends, to keep them fit. Rabbits must be let out into a run as often as possible. They are programmed to run free, so don’t leave them cooped up for days on end.


Make sure your pets have clean water every day. There are no shortcuts here. It is essential for their health. Rabbits are no exception. Clean water. Every day.


A dirty, matted coat can lead to a number of health problems. Groom dogs daily with a brush and help your cat’s fur to moult by combing it through gently. Dogs need to be bathed after a long muddy walk. Check for burrs and ticks as you shampoo. Do keep a close eye on your cat, rabbit, or dog’s claws. If you are not confident at cutting their claws, let your vet do it. It is far better to leave it to a professional than to leave your pet bleeding.

Emotional Needs

Your pets have emotional needs that must be met. Dogs need to follow a ‘pack leader’, so take that responsibility seriously. Never taunt or make fun of your dog, as they will become confused and unhappy. A pack leader should be someone they can look up to. Cats are more independent, but they love to be stroked and petted. Rabbits are more sociable than many people believe. Rub their foreheads and you will see them go into a trance of pure joy.


All pets need stimulation. If you have a very bright dog, you might consider taking it to an agility class. Dogs love to please their owners and learning new skills exercises this desire and their minds at the same time. Cats like to play too, particularly when they are young. Any game involving chasing will keep them happy.

Health Checks

Take your pet to the vet once a year for a health check up and above all, don’t forget to renew your pet health insurance.

Kathy Lette is a veterinarian with many years experience in advising on animal health issues. She writes for a number of online pet magazines. She owns an Old English Sheepdog and two Siamese cats, all of whom are fed on Hills Pet scientific.