3 Must-Read Blogs For Substance Abuse Counselors

In Search of Me Cafe
What social issues play into substance abuse?
This is an inclusive website that deals with the issues of substance abuse in the context of peer pressure, self esteem and fitting in to the crowd. The site also deals with other issues that can lead to substance abuse such as bullying, teen violence, anger and emotional abuse. A person may be tempted to use drugs because of many different reasons. They aren’t thinking in terms of drugs destroying their memory or addiction ruining their self-respect.
The website provides alternative ideas teens can be taught for building their self esteem and fitting in, in positive and constructive ways that aren’t harmful physically or emotionally. These suggestions can provide the substance abuse counselor with concrete ammunition in fighting the client’s personal war on drugs.
NIDA for Teens
Get The Facts
This website advertises getting the real facts on how various drugs affect the body and the brain. Counselors will find up to date information on the current problems of inhalants, ecstasy, anabolic steroids, “harmless” marijuana, prescription drug abuse, stimulants, tobacco and other drugs. The connection between substance abuse and changes in brain activity is explained.
Choose Your Path
In a video section called “Choose Your Path”, This activity places the user in the role of a main character in an interactive style video. The scenarios are ones common to today’s teens. After the user makes choices about which path to take, the decisions lead to the next video clip. Teens will confront real-life situations such as whether to abuse specific prescription drugs. Each step teaches more about the outcome of decisions. At the end, website users should be able to separate the facts from the myths regarding prescription drug abuse. If the player does not like the ending or if he or she is curious about how a different decision will change the outcome, one can restart the activity and make different choices.
KCI.org The Anti-Meth Site
How can I really get into the mindset of a person who abuses drugs?
Have you ever wondered just “why” people do drugs? Aren’t they intelligent enough to realize its bad effects? It can be very difficult for an outsider who has never experienced the lure of drugs to fully understand substance addiction. The invaluable asset of this website is that it provides explanations in the words of addicts themselves. Former users are amazingly articulate and write in a way that can help readers truly relate to the full gamut of their stories. They talk about emotional feelings versus intellectual knowledge, and what causes one to win out over the other. It is crucial for a substance abuse counselor to enter the mindset of the client in order to avoid robotic preaching, and be a real help instead. This website can help transform you from a counselor into a true friend.

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Jeffrey Goode has helped many clients in his career and uses the Substance Abuse Counselor Resource Guide as a way to continue learning and stay in touch with those in his field.