Yahoo is Growing Itself as a Better Search Engine

Online marketing can be the key of success even for a big brand. Yahoo will be the burning example of it. Recently they have increased their yearly revenue to 4% more this year. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo will be satisfied how yahoo has improved in the internet industry. Most of the news what Yahoo provides now are considered as good and valuable news.

YahooIt is undoubtedly a reality that Google has to be considered as the dominant website in the market. Even after several efforts from the online search websites like Bing, Google has maintained its position quite handsomely. However, Bing has been at the same spot where they were a few years ago. In that case, Yahoo must be mentioned. They have improved their online business quite handsomely.

Actually the person, who runs Yahoo, has an idea about the business policies of Google. Therefore, she is actually coming with some more positive ideas about which even Google has not thought. She is trying to get out the areas where Google cannot serve and thus Yahoo is becoming more attractive to the online users as a search engine and people are taking it as an alternative to Google.

Actually there are a lot of people who would like to have another option for searching many an information except Google. Bing has not successfully satisfied most of them. Some of the old search infrastructure has to be brought in by Yahoo to be far better than Bing.

You cannot say that Bing is a bad search engine. What you can say is that you cannot take it as an alternative to a very efficient search engine like Google. As per the internet tools are concerned, Google has a lot more tools than Bing and this very thing makes Google much more appealing to most of the users. Yahoo has done the internet marketing quite nicely by creating various options like Yahoo mails and flickers.

People take help from these options to improve their business. In the yahoo search options one can also get relevant information about their business. All the new features which yahoo is bringing will surely increase their online business. If Yahoo can improve their state, it will help Google to get some push is well.

When you think about any kind of search engine, you want relevant results about the thing which you are searching. There is no doubt about the fact that Google still can provide you the best. However, as Google is the best for a long time, they are not getting the push in recent times.

Now, in such a situation, yahoo search is getting much more popular day by day. A lot of people like to use Yahoo as their search engine. It will be a just a dream now for Yahoo to be a competitor of Google in the field of search engine. However, the way they are improving now, they can provide some kind of jerk to Google, which will be quite good even for the Google users.

However, for doing so, Yahoo still has to improve the infrastructure of their search engine. Old search infrastructure can work for them is good. Still it may not be a challenger to Google, but at least it can be the second option for pure web search engine on which people can keep faith.


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