Writing Content Just Isn't Enough

Writing content for either your blog or for guest blogging just isn’t enough today. You could write the best blog post that would solve all the words problems, but how do you get people to read it?
In this post I will go into how to get your content seen on the Internet.
We have all read on how to write the best content for your blog so I will not go over old ground. I will go into what you should do with your content prior to publishing.

External Linking

You need to connect your content with other reliable sources, this means linking out to other websites. Google will love the fact your connecting your post with other sources of information, why? You are giving the reader the best possible experience and source of information possible with their search query and they will reward your post with higher page authority and trust.
The quality of the content your linking out to needs to be of high value and trust. If your connecting your post to a website which is unreliable, you could be damaging your own post. The reader needs to find the website your linking to, a useful extension of information to your post.


This will no doubt attract spammers. I can guarantee spammers will start to manipulate this form of link building for clients who pay them for exact match backlinks. You will probably find somewhere in the near future a 500 word article, will be spammed with 50+ backlinks.
These backlinks will point directly to their client’s homepage or landing page and will have no correlation or value to the original source, the article. Article writers will end up selling blog posts to these spammers to insert their client’s links.

External Linking

I mentioned this section about spammers so you do not fall into these techniques. Always keep the links, relevant, reliable and trustworthy. Try not to go overboard with the amount of outbound links you include in a post. A rough guide for 500 words would be 7 external links, again, only a rough amount. Under no circumstances sell a backlink within your post.


Adding images to your content not only breaks the article up, but also makes the post more appealing to readers. Having 1000+ words with paragraph after paragraph of content looks boring and readers wont be bothered to finish your article. Inserting 2 or 3 high quality images will encourage your readers to carry on to the end of your article.

Data and Infographics

Data and infographics work on the same idea as inserting images. If your article is factual and is backed by statistics, include this data in your article. Blog posts that contain hard factual data are more likely to receive higher inbound links as a reliable source for raw data.

Share Your Blog

The most important part of your content is getting people to read it. Posting your article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will earn your post more visibility for potential readers to view your article. If your website/blog is relatively new and receives low traffic, be patient.
If your posts are of high value and interest, your traffic will soon follow. The same applies to social media if your accounts do not have many followers. It only takes one person with 100,000+ followers to mention your post then your traffic and followers will come flooding in. Once this happens, simply repost your previous articles to get more exposure.

External Linking

As you can see, there is a lot more to just writing a blog post today. Bloggers and website owners need to be keyed up on basic Internet marketing and social signals to get their articles read.

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