What Is A Digital Flow Gauge?

A digital flow gauge is a piece of equipment which will allow you to determine the amount of fluid which moves through a tube. This gauge is extremely useful in many different professions. Technology has advanced rather quickly and a digital flow gauge has not always been that simple to use.

Traditional Flow Gauge

The more traditional flow gauge worked through using mechanical gears. You would have to place the flow gauge into the water which you wanted a reading of; the flow gauge would then measure the water through using mechanical gears that would begin to move when fluid starts to flow. This traditional type of flow gauge was not really that accurate which proved to have many difficulties when coming to complete a job.

Modern Flow Gauge

The more modern digital flow gauge works much simpler than the traditional type; it does not use mechanical gears to collect information about the flow of water. The digital flow gauge is much more accurate as it can pick up the results from simply being placed in the water.

What Are Flow Gauges Used For?

There is a whole wide variety what flow gauges are actually used for, they are most commonly used to measure liquids such as water, but can also be used to measure gases such as air. Flow gauges are popularly used in the scientific field; this can be used as part of science experiments or investigations.
They are also used in our daily lives to measure liquids when ordered at bars or restaurants. The flow metre may be used to track how much liquid is being dispensed into the glass so the right measure is poured.

How Do Flow Gauges Work?

Different digital flow gauges work in different ways, the most common way is the digital magnetic flow metre, this gauge uses two magnetic coils placed on the opposite ends of the tube. The gauge will then be placed into a liquid stream; the liquid which moves through the tube will interact with the magnetic field and will then create a voltage. The level of voltage which is created will be measured digitally and will correspond with the level of the flow going through the tube.
This is the most common type of digital flow gauge, this is become it seems to be the one which is most reliable. To get the official reading, will depend on the type of gauge, some gauges will provide the reading immediately whereas you may have to wait a while with other gauges or even plug it into some other piece of equipment to get an official print out of the flow.
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