Personal Wedding Present Ideas

If you’re going to a close ones wedding is a lovely event, however choosing the gift to go along with can be rather difficult. You may be frightened to insult the happy couple with an impersonal gift or a gift which just is not appropriate. It can also be difficult to know what they already have in their home so you won’t want to get them something which they already have. It is likely that they have provided you a list of gifts which they would like which you can register on, however if you are extremely close to the couple you may want to choose a gift a little more personal and thoughtful.


If you really wanted to choose a present which no one else is likely to think about, why not their honeymoon extra special? If you know the details of where they are staying you should contact the hotel and ask them to provide them with a bottle of champagne and chocolates all at your expense. If you have visited the area which they are staying in before, why not arrange for them to go to a gorgeous restaurant on the night, which you have prepaid for or book a resort activity which they are going to love.


If the newly married couple are planning on going home after their wedding, why not book them into a luxurious hotel? They may have decided not to bother staying a hotel so that they can save some much needed cash, if this is the case, contact the maid of honour or mother of the bride and arrange a romantic night in the honeymoon suite for the married couple.


If you know the couple inside and out, you are surely going to know the perfect traditional gift ware for their home. Choose something personal for their home which you know they have wanted to get for ages. If you are not too sure what they are quite after, why not choose a gift which you would love to have in your home? Maybe don’t give them their gift immediately and get some photos from their big day printed out and put in a gorgeous photo frame. They won’t have had their professional pictures back so they will love your special gift.


There are now many different gifts which are available on the internet for you to purchase which you can get personalised. Why not get a personalised photo frame with their new name on? Or matching Mr and Mrs slippers? Little personal gifts like this will put a smile on their faces.
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