A Powerful Message, A Visible Presence, An Affordable Option

Publicity is the lifeblood of business and getting your message out there, where your potential customers can see it, is vital to attract new business and keep established clients coming back for more.

Positive about Posters

Whatever business you run, posters are an efficient and cost effective method of telling your customers about events and promotions and are an excellent way of drawing their attention to your product. The three golden rules of posters are as follows:

1. Size and Placement

Poster printing services can offer you a range of sizes from the small A5 to the enormous A0. The size you choose will depend on where the poster will be displayed and its legibility. A5 is ideal for desktop or reception placement, when held in a freestanding clear acrylic poster holder, for example and A1 and A0 are for when you need to shout the loudest.

Think about having several sizes of one poster printed to give you the flexibility of various display options. An A5 version of an A2 poster can be handed out to passers-by as a flyer or it can be put in a display case. This continuity of message works as a positive marketing ploy think about how much reinforcement there would be with a door-to-door A5 leaflet campaign plus A3 posters in the local area, to remind your target audience about your message.

2. Colour

The psychology of how colour affects our perceptions is well-established. It’s essential to use the right colours in your poster, to convey a subliminal message as well as your visual one. Red, for example, is a powerful colour, related to courage, strength and energy. It grabs our attention and initiates a physical response in us. It can also be seen as aggressive and demanding. Blue is an intellectual colour it can sooth and aid concentration. However, it can be seen as cold and lacking in emotion. Yellow is the colour of optimism and creativity, it gives us confidence. At the same time, the ‘wrong’ shade of yellow will cause anxiety and fear.

Green will enhance harmony, refreshment and balance, but may also be perceived as bland and stagnating. Violet is a spiritual colour, indicating awareness, luxury and quality on the negative side, it can be seen as decadent and somewhat introspective. Orange has connotations of physical comfort, warmth and fun but can also be seen as an immature colour and a little frivolous. Pink is associated with femininity, nurturing and physical tranquillity. Its negative qualities include physical weakness and claustrophobia. Black oozes sophistication but can be menacing when used incorrectly.

3. Message

A poster is not a leaflet or booklet and may be seen only in passing. This is why it’s important to make sure your posters have an immediate impact on the viewer. Achieve this by limiting the information on the poster the 5 Ws (Who, What, Why, When, Where) plus a headline and contact details are usually all that’s needed. If you’re not a creative person or don’t have someone who can create your poster for you, look for poster printing services which can offer you a professional design facility to make sure your branding and message is as strong as possible.


Alice Aires writes regularly on printing services for a variety of media websites and blogs. Her experience in the world of marketing and communications has enabled her to understand the importance of perfect poster printing services which help organisations communicate their message.