Choose A Halloween Costume From A Slasher Film

Slasher films are incredibly gory and the body count is typically very high. Many slasher films have been made and their characters have inspired Halloween costume ideas. When searching for a brilliant costume to wear at Halloween, such as when trick or treating, here are a couple of slasher movie characters to think about:

Michael Myers

Having first killed as a child, the Halloween murderer Michal Myers personifies evil. With a blue boiler suit and a white face mask, which makes it very difficult to see the eyes, a Michael Myers costume is perfect to wear at Halloween. Dr Loomis appeared in many Halloween films where he tried to stop Michael from killing. If a group of friends want to have a Michael Myers theme, they could each dress as the murderer and Dr Loomis.

Freddy Krueger

Another child killer, Freddy Krueger is a terrifying character that appeared in every A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Targeting children and killing them when they were asleep, Freddy Krueger is instantly recognisable. With his fedora hat, striped jumper and a glove that has knives on each finger, Robert Englund’s portrayal of Freddy is still very scary. A fancy dress retailer might have many different costumes, such as those which come complete with all of the relevant accessories. A costume which has a scarred face mask could also be bought in order to look just like Freddy.


Although different people wore the Ghostface costume in the Scream franchise, it has never changed in appearance. Inspired by Edvard Munch’s Scream painting, there are many Ghostface costume’s which can be worn at Halloween. A mask can have numerous expressions and can be bought in a variety of colours. Individual Ghostface costumes could be worn by a large group of friends, such as a stag do.


Based on Stephen King’s book of the same name, Carrie is a terrifying character. With telekinetic powers, Carrie killed her classmates after she was humiliated at her high school prom. Halloween costume ideas such as this are very easy to recreate. By purchasing tubes of fake blood and applying them to a white dress, someone will look just like Carrie.

Patrick Bateman

Having appeared in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman is a yuppie who likes to kill people. As with Carrie, a Patrick Bateman costume can be recreated by wearing a suit and carrying a fake axe. To perfect this costume, put fake blood on an axe.


Leatherface has appeared in many films. The first was the 1974 movie A Texas Chainsaw Massacre where he looked very gruesome. His appearance hasn’t changed much since then. Although a Leatherface costume can be made from scratch, it is recommended that it is purchased from a fancy dress retailer. This is because a costume can have every accessory required such as a fake chainsaw, white coat and deformed mask.


An evil doll which is brought to life and goes on a killing spree in the Child’s Play movies, an entire Chucky costume can be bought. If a couple want to go to a Halloween fancy dress party wearing something similar, they can be Chucky and his Bride – this costume can also be bought online from a fancy dress retailer. When a couple arrive at a party, they will look very scary.

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